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The materials that they use are usually not quality enough and sometimes I even hear people talking how some brands that produce very durable chew toys are actually using some materials that are not 100% safe for our dogs.

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When it comes to puppy dog toys, our motto is "the simpler the better". Puppies love just about anything you put in front of them, partly because the world is all brand new and exciting and also because their number one objective is to play!

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New brand TY love dog Plush Doll Toys , kids toys, cartoon doll , car decoration Every puppy needs a pacifier to soothe teething pain, look cute, and exercise his chompers for a life filled with treats! The Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier Dog Chew Toy gives your brand-new pup two chews to choose from. Both have raised nubs that stimulate gums and teeth, and both cost less than replacing a chewed up pair of shoes. Designed for teething puppies up to 15 pounds - Not recommended for adult dogs or puppies with any permanent teeth.

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Play a game of tug-of-war with your best friend when you throw a rope toy at his or her feet. With a large selection, featuring Multipet and Rascals® brands and styles ranging from simple woven-cotton rope toys with large knots on either end, to exciting figure 8s and ropes with three knots, your dog will want to play with you for hours. As an added bonus, chewing on rope toys helps keep your canine's gums and teeth clean and healthy.

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Kong is widely known as one of the most durable dog toy brands on the market today. The Kong Classic is such a versatile toy that can be stuffed with peanut butter or treats, used as an aggressive chew toy, and even a game of fetch with unpredictable bounces. My dog mainly uses the Kong Classic when we put peanut butter in it to keep her busy and stimulate her mind; however, when there are not treats inside, she doesn’t play with it too much.Many companies are now making sustainable, indestructible and creative toys for our canine friends. Here are the most noteworthy dog toy brands amongst them:goDog™ is a fun lovin' brand from Worldwise featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Durable plush toys with Chew Guard Technology™, goDog Retrieval toys and innovative new RhinoPlay™ toys are all a part of the fun goDog line! Check out all of our goDog product families above! Their toys are fun, durable and bouncy and also dispense treats. This simple idea keeps your dog engaged for hours and also keeps their mind off aggressive chewing. Their ‘BusyBuddy’ brand features a number of innovative and value for money products which are available in various sizes and textures. Make your dog happy today!