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Pet Mountain's Squeaky Dog Toys store features top quality squeak toys and games from the most trusted names in dog care and play products, including Kong, JW Pet, Booda, Petmate, Hartz, Plush Puppies, and more. One constant about all squeaker toys is that eventually, even your dog's chewing will end the squeaker's life. can be used to replace worn out ones in your pet's plush dog toys or any other toys with worn out squeakers. These replacement squeakers are made from 100% plastic and contain no unsafe metal pieces. are just what they look like: 100% pure tennis balls made in the same factory, using the same materials as any high-quality tennis balls. Air Kong Squeakers units are hidden and covered by the tennis ball material. Get ready for the best game of fetch ever!

It’s good to found something that your dogs love to play. I’d say they get boring so easy that any toys will not last an hour or so.

Nylabone continues its domination of the best puppy toys market! Note that a lot of other, oddly shaped Nylabone dog toys will usually last your canine about a few months.

West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz Dog Ball

String rings of dried yam on hemp or jute rope for a chew toy that is healthy and will last a bit longer than some other dog chew toys. If you are looking for the best toys for pit bulls, Nylabone is a trusted dog chew toy maker that has been around since 1955 that won't let you down. Their original flavour Dura Chew is a great chew toy option for pitbulls, an exceptionally strong breed of dogs that love to chew. Nylabone is long lasting with specially designed textured nubs and ridges that help keep dogs’ while they chew.

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My dog destroyed the the tire biter in 20 minutes last night. I can’t find any toy that is tough enough to last at lest two days. Have tried all the toys that say they are tough and indestructible. Many of them listed above. It’s getting expensive to keep buying toys for this dog. He’s a very laid back dog, just likes to rip his toys apart.

Nylabone DuraChew Knuckle Bone Alternative

Dogs love toys, and the thing they love most about toys is destroying them. At least, that’s the case with so-called aggressive chewers, who have a knack for shredding whatever plaything you put in front of them – be it plush, plastic, or rope. If your dog fits this description, you probably have a heap of eviscerated and mangled toys somewhere in your home.I’ve tried to demonstrate several times on this site that I’m a firm believer in spending a little extra money on quality products. To me it makes more sense to purchase something that’s going to last 10 years, rather than going cheap on something that’ll last a few months. I think dog toys are an example of where lots of people go cheap. I tend to look for the best, most durable dog toys, so I only have to buy them once.