That doesn't mean more bells and whistles, just different types

The toys in the video below are good for most dogs to play with under supervision, but I DO NOT recommend the final toy idea! Bells are extremely dangerous and that thread would be easy for most dogs to rip loose, releasing that bell so that the dog might choke on it. If you do decide to make that third toy, be very cautious and ensure the bell cannot get loose.

Your dog may like toys with squeakers or bells because of the sound they make

Various and balls with bells inside are also available, which are also easy for your dog to find, but you need to keep an eye on yourdog while playing with these toys because the bell could be swallowed if it is dislodged. There’s also this lovely from Petsatges, again for supervised play only!

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Toys with bells, or squeakers on the inside are not a great idea because they are often the first things your dog will remove, and possibly swallow.

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