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Overall I could see this harness being a valuable piece of gear when traveling with your dog whether your dog is rambunctious or a seasoned traveler making sure your dog is safe when traveling should always be the main priority. I am also curious on seeing how a high-quality crate would work as well, stayed tuned for a review in the future for that.

Read Customer Reviews of ASPCA Safety Travel Dog Harness - Medium (pg 2) at Sierra Trading Post. We Are All Explorers.

Great article! I used to travel with the my previous cockers unrestrained, because they were so well behaved. Getting sideswiped at 80 miles per hour in my then Subaru, slammed my well behaved cockers into the floor and almost broke their necks!! Never, ever again, do any of my dogs travel without their harnesses or crates. I watched all the videos (thanks Emma for your input and I added you to my read list!), and realize that as nice as my Rogz harnesses and Bamboo holders are-they won’t stop my girls from getting hurt or killed. Right now, they travel by crate; airline safety crates. I’d like to put the seats back in my Element and use a safety harness, but until I get a proven set up, we will just stay in the crates. I use bungee cords on my crates, but was told that I needed to use cargo straps for safer travel. Does anyone have anything on strapping crates in a car?

The safety harness results reported last month weren't great.

Safe dog travel in the car is a hot topic these days amongst many dog owners so we decided to review Bergan Pet's dog auto harness. The best car harness for your dog should be designed and tested to the same standards that we use for safety devices for ourselves and our children. All three harnesses reviewed have met the standards laid out in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 Child Restraint Systems (FMVSS 213)

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Making sure your dog is happy and safe while travelling with you in the car can be a weight off. If you know they're secure and safe, yet happy and comfortable, it means you can concentrate on your journey ahead much easier. That's why our latest reviewer, Layla Flaherty, jumped at the chance to review the CLIX CarSafe harness for us with Buttons, her 3 1/2 year old Yorkshire Terrier.

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Safe dog travel in the car is a hot topic these days among many dog owners. After the state of New Jersey passed the “Pet Buckle Up Law”, it’s become a focus of many pet product manufacturers as well. Why shouldn’t we keep both our pets and drivers safe while in the car? Did you know that unrestrained pets cause 30,000 car accidents a year? We decided to take a look at what one leading manufacturer was doing to make sure we were keeping our two dogs safe while we road trip across the country. Bergan Pet Products kindly supplied us with a pair of their dog auto harnesses to test and review.If you are a pet owner reading this review, thanks for taking an interest in keeping your dogs safe. I implore you to go out there and purchase an dog safety harness for your pooch, before the unthinkable happens. Not only do harnesses keep your pet safe in case of an accident, but they will also keep you safe, as your drive will be distraction-free.