Your dog's urine should actually fertilize your grass, not kill it

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the comment. Unless you have other problems that are causing your lawn to die, the dog urine issue can be solved and you should be able to have a nice lawn eventually. Maybe your husband has an aversion to mowing …….can’t say I blame him. I get so many readers of this “dog pee killing my grass” post I’ll be writing another post shortly that focuses on how to repair a lawn once you have solved the doggy problem, watch for it soon.

Dog pee kills grass…period. There are all sorts of urine burn lawn repair products out there, but I don’t know any that really work.

OK, I’d heard this so many times that I believed it: Female dog urine kills the grass and male dog urine does not. I actually thought about this today and realized this is absolutely ridiculous. So I decided to do some research and see whether this is true or not. Someone has to stand up for the lady dogs.

How to Prevent Your Dog's Urine from Killing Grass

Is dog urine killing grass? I talk about why dog pee kills grass and a number of solutions pet owners have used to solve the problem. Despite what you may think, any acidity in urine is not to blame for the dog killing grass. The truth is that it is the nitrogen in dog urine. regularly contains high levels of nitrogen because of the protein they eat. The more protein your dog eats, the higher the nitrogen levelsin the urine.

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Any dog has nitrogen in their urine. However, because female dogs squat to urinate, they are more likely to damage your lawn. Male dogs urinate against objects like trees, so less urine reaches the grass. Large dogs are also more likely culprits in killing grass, simply because they havea larger bladder and more urine output.

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A common problem for dog owners with homes and lawns is dog urine killing grass. Unfortunately, the amonia in cat or dog urine can kill grass damaging ones nicely manicured lawn. There are three basic strategies for solving this problem. First, keep the dog from relieving itself on the lawn. This is a matter of training a dog where the 'appropriate spot' to go is. The second strategy is to fix the lawn once damaged. There are a couple of ways to do this. There are sprays that help repair and cover up the brown spots on the grass. Also there are patches that can be used to fixed the affected area. Finally, the solution that many pet owners are unaware of is supplements/treats given to dogs to make their dog's urine far less damaging. Basically these products, like Green Grass Guard, naturally bind with dog urine reducing its harmful effects. There are different products that do this, the natural ones such as and are completely harmless to your pet, and do not effect kidney or liver function in any way. This is typically the easiest fix for fixing yellow grass caused by ones dogs.The trickto stop a dog killing your grass is by watering down the urine. The more water, the smaller the concentration of nitrogen in the dog's urine. There are easy home remedies that will help stop urine burn.