Happy K9: Dog Grooming & Self Serve Dog Wash in Fort Worth

No appointments are necessary at our self serve dog wash stations! We provide the tub, shampoo, conditioner, dryer, towels, apron, and friendly staff, you provide the pup! Avoid chasing a sudsy dog around your place and take them to ours.

You clean your dog – we clean the mess! Bath time is easy at our Self-Serve Dog Wash.

Pet Supplies Plus offers self-service dog wash stations at many of our locations. Please check your local store page to see if your neighborhood store offers it.

Dog Wash - Self-Service Dog Wash - Rex Seattle - On Capitol Hill

Visit the one-of-a-kind Self-Serve & We-Wash dog wash services in the Woofinwaggle Woof Spaw! In a hurry? Just don't want to do it, but still want to save money? We can wash them for you while you wait, or come back and get your dog in as little as an hour. Basic service includes a bath with shampoo and conditioner of your choice, a towel and blow dry, and a quick brush to smooth their coat. A more thorough brush-out (required for some breeds) and nail trim are available. Flea/Tick and de skunking shampoos are also available.

Self Service Dog Wash - Pet Club

PET DEPOT was named "Baltimore's Best: Self-Serve Dog Grooming" by Baltimore Magazine. Our self-serve dog grooming facility takes all the mess out of washing your dog. With our nine clean, easy-to-use, stainless steel dog washing stations, you will never have to wait to groom your dog. No other pet store in the Baltimore County area has as many dog grooming stations as Pet Depot. Each dog washing tub can handle dogs up to 230 pounds. A sturdy ramp leads your dog into the tub with no fear. At our dog grooming stations, we supply the towels, blow dryers, and rubber aprons to keep you dry and clean. You supply the shampoo and the labor. No appointment necessary. Just $16.00 per dog.

Bath time is easy at our Self-Serve Dog Wash

Shampoochez (pronounced Shampooches) is a self-service dog wash service in Santa Cruz County, California. We have long been recognized as a business! Click to find out more (we are listed under "Green Retail Shops"! We provide everything you need to wash your pet-shampoo, plenty of towels, groomer’s dryer, ear and eye wipes, a waterproof apron, dental products, nail clippers and cologne. We clean up the mess! Our waist high tubs are cleaned and disinfected by us after every wash. Prices are based on size. Small-up to 30lbs, Medium-30-60 lbs, Large-60-100 lbs, Giant-over 100lbs. This service is limited to one hour per pet with a $10 fee for each additional hour. No appointment necessary for self service dog washes!The In N Out Dog Wash located in Garwood, NJ also offers full service professional grooming services. We pride ourselves on friendly service for you and your pooch.Having a dog wash station is a much-needed service that will save dog owners time, he said. "In a matter of 10 minutes, we'll be able to get off all the sand and yucky water. It takes even more time to try to dry and get sand off with the towel."