buddy bowl spill proof dog water dish a must on road trips

Now the Buddy Bowl comes in the popular color gray! The perfect spill proof bowl easy to use and keep clean, this medium sized 44 oz. bowl is a great choice for travel and use in your dog's kennel. The Official Spill Proof Travel Buddy Bowl features a spill proof dog water bowl design. Made from FDA #1 non-toxic polyethylene. The Buddy Bowl no-spill design also offers less evaporation and contamination from dust, dirt, and other airborne particles.

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The Buddy Bowl 64 oz is perfect for large dogs. Made from FDA #1 non-toxic polyethylene the bowl is spill-proof for when you're on the road or if you just want to protect your floor. To protect your dog's food from contamination, The Buddy Bowl has a covering. It also stops water from evaporating easily so you don't have to continuously fill up your dogs bowl anymore. The Buddy Bowl will make your special pal happy and save you from cleaning up messes! Measures 10" diameter, 5" high and with an approximate 4" reservoir hole for drinking.

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WATER BOY PORTABLE DOG BOWL - spill proof even if tipped. Perfect for road trips. The spill-proof suspended travel water bowl is the first and only bowl of it's kind in the world. Providing your dog with fresh, clean water has never been easier. The 2 piece design works in the car, in the house, on the boat, in a crate, on the fence in the back yard, just about anywhere your dog will use it. Its FDA approved, dishwasher safe and heat-resi

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Use this spill-proof dog water bowl in a moving vehicle or put it on a fence outside! Go to to see and hear more information. Kennels, groomers, and vets love this product. Connects to any caging or wired fencing!

If your pet or animal must spend more time where water is essential....buy one of these great products today. Bob and Steve started Flydog with the help of their Yellow Lab Stella. We'll give Stella all the credit?! Thanx again Flydog. Go to for more information.

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Product - Fly Dog Pets 1001 Flydog Spill-Proof Water Bowl.

Buddy Bowl Spill Proof Water Bowl for Small, Medium and Large Dogs and Full Grown Cats, Spill Proof Water Bowl, Spill Proof Dog Water Bowl - 64 oz. * Want to know more, click on the image.The “Buddy Bowl” really is splash proof and spillproof. It holds 44 oz of water. This is a one-size-fits-all water bowl for little dogs and big dogs. Its unique patented design is like no other. Great for your home (protects floors, no more wet socks!) and travel. It works great in your car! But most of all it gives the pets we love fresh, clean water at their convenience.