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According to the New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society as of 2015, the complete list of zoos around the world where captive New Guinea singing dogs are kept is short relative to most zoo species, highlighting their varietal endangered condition after suspected extinction in the wild, the paucity of the zoo gene pool, and comments by New Guinea Singing Dog International that the pedigree breeder pool is highly inbred and small:

African wild dogs at the Omaha Zoo in Nebraska. There are only about 7,000 dogs left in the wild.

Wild dogs are the most social of all canines. They lick the mouth of an alpha animal, displaying the juvenile behavior that caused adults to regurgitate food. Submission is indicated by exposing their bellies and throats to a dominant dog.

African Wild Dog by Roger & Pat de la Harpe

[African Wild Dog] * * " Me justs knew dat me would gets kicked outta de Optimists Club." Earlier this year, Hewitt was on a private expedition with a client who wanted to climb the second highest freestanding mountain between the Himalayas and the Andes - Gunung Mandala, the highest peak of New Guinea’s Star Mountains range. At approximately 4,750m high in a little-explored region of West Papua, this is not an easy task, and according to Hewitt, it’s been ten years since a successful climb to the peak has been confirmed. Plus just making it to the Star Mountains region, where wild New Guinea singing dogs live, is a significant challenge on its own.

The average life span of an African wild dog is 11 years.

African wild dogs can grow up to 110 cm in height and weigh up to 36 kg, which is the same size as a medium sized domestic dog. The name painted hunting dog is derived from the splotchy markings on the dogs coat. These markings are unique to each individual in the pack and help other dogs identify that individual.

So, are wild dogs really dogs?

Scientists are crooning over new pictures that confirm the survival of the New Guinea highland wild dog, which until now was feared to be extinct in its natural habitat on the South Pacific island.The Pale Pack of northern Botswana's Chobe National Park leave the Savute Channel after drinking. This small, hardy group of dogs is especially blond compared with other wild dogs—hence their name.Thought to be among the rarest species of canine, the highland wild dogs are either the same as or close relatives of the famous , which exist only in captivity.DNA evidence suggests that the New Guinea highland wild dog is among the most primitive canines alive today, and it may be a key ancestor of domesticated dogs. (Read )