Richell company usually maintains a good reputation among dog owners, and they have one of the best dog gates available on the market. Whether for the good or bad, their landed on the 10th spot on our list of best dog steps for bed based on customer's response and value for the price.

PVC dog steps for your bed made with outdoor carpet , wood and zip ties !!

The difference isn't huge but it can have a significant impact on your dog's everyday life. In fact, it can even make or break your dog, if you don't consider your pet's needs very carefully. I did it for this best dog steps for bed list though.


PVC dog steps for your bed made with outdoor carpet , wood and zip ties !! We LOVE our pet steps. We have one dog who can’t jump and another who can’t… so the one who can’t was always jealous of the dog who could jump on the bed and always fussing to get up. We got sick of her waking us up in the middle of the night after she had jumped down to get water or whatever, so we bought the steps. SO much better. Now she has more independence and can get up whenever she wants. We trained her in a very similar way to you describing it above. (we also had a foster dog at the time who couldn’t jump, and the foster dog caught on more quickly than our dog – our dog is a little slow!)

Raised dog bed with steps. Finished with Killem Beige paint.

Last year, we built a to help Felix get in and out of our ultra tall bed. We’ve been using a dog stroller on long journeys to help keep Fe from over using that knee. Until now, we’ve been limiting jumping, but Fe is part kangaroo (or thinks he is) and we’ve had the hardest time stopping him from jumping on and off the couch! (Sorry downstairs neighbour! Does it sound like the sky is falling when he does that? Probs, eh?) I knew we probably needed to get him a set of steps to making getting up and down easier (and quieter), but you guys, I really didn’t want to.

Custom Dog Bed: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

These steps are all well suited for around the house in order to make things easier for your dog whether it’s because you feed them off the floor or just want them to be able to enjoy the bed even when you’re not there.One thing’s for doggone sure: these are the dog steps for a high bed whether your animal is suffering the rigors of old age or just isn’t quite tall enough to get up and share some snuggle time with you.Got a high bed and a little dog? These doggie steps are probably the solution that you’re looking for. They stand at 26” high which means it should be suitable for most beds, allowing your pet access to that most important of resources: a soft sleeping area.If you’re looking for a pair of steps to allow for your dog to get on and off the bed despite whatever issues they may have, you’re in good paws with the Pet Gear Easy Step II Dog Steps.