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Almost all of our Dog Collars are Made in the USA. The only exception is the Red Dingo which is made in Australia. We have no collars made in China.

What exactly can you expect from a dog collar from EzyDog? All of our dog collars are:

Mimi Green Fashion Webbing Dog Collars for Your Cool Dog are made especially with your trendy dog in mind. After all, your dog doesn’t have to give up comfort for style! Our nylon webbing dog collars come in 22 super cool colors, and all of them can be hand embroidered with your dog’s name, or engraved with your dog’s info right on the buckle! Our personalized webbing dog collars will make your dog feel so special and unique!

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At EzyDog, you will find the following dog collars available for dogs of all sizes: Luka was the reason behind Fox Valley Dog Collars. A sweet little Italian greyhound, he spends his time napping under a blanket or playing with the cat. His favorites are tennis balls and anything that squeaks!

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Great Customer service Product arrived fast, workmanship is excellent. I wanted a certain width for both my dogs collars and I was able to get it. We are all happy.

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Personalized / engraved ID dog collar. (DOG LEASH is available) These collars are made of unique embroidered style South American, Navajo, Tribal,Do you need a dog collar for your pet that's durable, fits well, and lets your puppy express his or her inner beauty? If so, don't hesitate to look through the collection of collars offered by today. All the are built to last and fit dogs of all shapes and sizes.A dog collar is much more than a safety restraint for your little pooch, or a place to hang his or her nametag. In reality, a collar is an effective tool that helps provide for your puppy's safety while offering a sense of canine fashion as well. Well-crafted products can mimic both the breed and personality of your furry friend, and will add an extra sense of style to walks around the park, hikes in the mountains, or even quick trips to the city.At EzyDog, we understand that dog collars constitute one of the most important items in a puppy life; in light of this, we only offer products that we would trust with our very own furry friends. We are dog owners ourselves, and are committed to offering you quality dog collars that will last you and your puppy for years to come.When looking for a dog collar for your beloved pooch, it is important to keep in mind that this tool and fashion accessory will be part of your puppy's life for years to come. As such, you should bring one home that is stylish, durable, and a perfect match for both you and your dog. The dog collars available from EzyDog, however, were crafted with a combination of factors in mind to ensure that all of your needs are met. Our dog collars offer a sense of simplicity and style, as well as a host of other additions to keep you and your pooch happy.