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Now, the game can begin. “Doggie Doo” can be played by 2-4 players with a suggested age of 4 years old and up. Players start by taking turns rolling the die; each roll tells the player how many times to squeeze the pump, which is attached to the top back of the dog. Each time the pump is squeezed, there is a hilarious rumbling sound as the treat begins to move toward its release point at the backside of the dog. Finally, the treat (mess) is expelled and collected on the shovel of the player who last squeezed the pump. The first player to collect 3 pieces of mess is the winner. Parents should not worry, because the mess still resembles the original treat in appearance, color and smell. No one will pass out playing “Doggie Doo.”

…Love Doggie Doos they always do a beautiful job on my puppies. So friendly and in and out in hours not 8.…

What do I do with my dog and/or cat's poop? This is a common question among pet owners and everyone has their own way of disposing of pet waste. However, most strategies are not ideal. Now, there is the Doggie Doo Drain! This device uses your current sewer or septic system and is the cleanest pet waste removal system available today!

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Doggie Doo Not in Stamford offers a plethora of pet supplies and knowledgeable employees that can help you make your selections. Located in downtown Stillwater, Doggie Doo's place of business is not large but it does have the advantage of a convenient location. The shop provides shampoos, haircuts and other dog-grooming services. Doggie Doo's staff has earned praise from local customers for their gentle, caring approach to pet care.

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ARVADA, Colo. -- If you have a neighborhood park or green space you always avoid because of too much dog waste, you are not alone.

In Arvada, the doggie doo issue is so out-of-control that in some places the city is going to start fining people who don't pick up their dog poop.

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oggie Doo Not! finds, scoops and hauls away dog poop so you don't have to! We clean up yards, parks, office grounds, apartment complexes, kennels, dog runs - anyplace that needs scooping. So in 1999 they announced the birth of Doggie Doo Not! to very skeptical family members and friends. "You want to pick up what?" "No one will pay you for that". And "You have a master's degree!" But despite all the nay sayers, the two knew they were on to something that could work. So, they sent out a mailing introducing their service and waited. The next day the calls started coming in. Doggie Doo Not LLC services clients who need waste management from dogs. Owners Tom and Ashlee Nestor first started this local business in 1999 and have since grown the business off of a reputation for quality and timely service. Rates depend largely on the size of the yard, the dog(s), and/or the number of dog traffic.You take Fluffy out for an evening stroll, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying your sights and surroundings. Winding sidewalks, big trees, green bushes, squirrels scampering, children playing. Then, all of a sudden, you step on a landmine of doggy doo. Worse yet, Fluffy really wants to investigate these leftovers of another dog’s journey on this same path.