This dog purse carrier seems to have it all – tons of handy openings and mesh panels for dog ventilation and viewing, plus a host of other features users loved. for top dog purse carriers!

Small Open TOTE handbag Purse style Pet Dog Cat Bag -small breed /puppy Carrier

I'd rather see a dog in a traditional carrier/bag or in a stroller than that if they have to be carried. There are reasons to carry a small dog/senior dog in certain instances, so I have no problem with purses used correctly. I do have a problem with not treating a dog like a dog, but that can be done with or without purses and ridiculous clothes...

black and white dog carriers / purses

Blue and Green Floral Dog Carrier Purse Large by amp0198 on Etsy, $45.00 Stunning top quality leather handbag with lovely Scottie dog. Purse is fully lined and contains numerous pockets for every necessity. Also available in purple.

Timmy Woods Exquisite Dog Purses

In our germaphobic society, most of us now carry hand sanitizer in our purses. Many hand sanitizers contain high concentrations of alcohol (ethanol) — nearly 100 percent alcohol! When a dog chews and ingests a small bottle of hand sanitizer, it can have the same effect as a shot of hard liquor. Signs of alcohol poisoning include a severe drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia), incoordination, a drop in body temperature, neurological depression, coma, and death.

Here are some examples of trendy and flashy small dog purses:

Having a dog purse can be very handy if you want to take your dog anywhere you go. Although they are not suitable for all dog breeds, if you have a small dog, it will love it, trust me. If you are in the search for a dog purse, then look no more, here’s a list of 10 best dog purses.
Tom Clovers makes really modern purses, and this particular model is the proof for that. It is made out of PU leather and since it is breathable and lightweight, your dog will enjoy it. It is especially designed for walks and trips with your pet friend. It has zipper from left to right and easy in and out, so you can easy place your pooch in it. Pockets on the side will come handy for treats and small things.
This is very comfortable and functional purse for your pooch and you are going to be very satisfied with it. It is airline approved and easy to stow, with large pockets on the side for all essentials for your pet friend. It can be cleaned only with a damp cloth and if you are planning to go on a trip, this is the best carrier you can find for this price. It is meant to carry dogs of about 8 lbs and that means smaller dog breeds.
This is maybe the smallest carrier among these 10 best dog purses, but is has the same quality. It is as their manufacturers say “the perfect combination of convenience and style”. It is designed for everyday use and you can bring your pet friend anywhere you want. Made of high quality nylon, this carrier will last you a long time. It has mesh windows so your dog will be comfortable inside.