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We are picky about what we eat for the most part, we are very picky about what we feed our farm animals so it makes sense that we would be the same with Bumble. So…we decided to make some home made dog treats, bone shaped dog treats that contain five ingredients one of which is water. There are no mystery additions, nothing you can’t pronounce. We use products from our own farm where possible. We have beta tested them on some doggy friends as well as Bumble who loves them. She thinks your dogs will too. Visit us and give them a try.

The ultimate doggy treat: a cute, classy, layered cake with dog-friendly icing and a berry on top!

”For over twenty years and living in New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina and now Mass., I have been giving my dogs treats from My Doggy. I originally bought the treats at a pet store here in Provincetown on a visit here 20 years ago. I told the owner of the store that my dogs did not like treats. She said, Try these, I think..."

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Give our Doggy Delirious Gingerbread Dog Treats to show a little puppy love this season. Doggy Decadents specializes in providing freshly baked, all natural dog treats for your canine friends. Your dogs will love you for giving them treats made with wholesome and delicious ingredients, and as a pet parent you’ll enjoy the warm feeling you get from giving your pups a unique and beautiful gift prepared especially for them. Baked fresh in Eagle River, Alaska there are strictly no preservatives or other additives in these Decadent biscuits!

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It would be great if treats and chews were the doggy dental care solution, but some pooches can chew and chew and still have dental problems. We'll tell you why next.

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Keep your four legged friends happy and healthy with Fat Murray’s all natural doggy treats! Perfect for any occasion, anytime. The bassets have finally caught up. You asked, we listened (hey, we don’t have long ears for nothing). Fat Murray’s website now features online...Smallbiz America :: Fat Murray

Sep 1, 2009 – A friend suggested she look into baking gourmet dog biscuits. Ronnie has a basset hound named Murray. She started Fat Murray’s Doggy Treats, …All Natural Doggy Treats- Fat Murrays : Shih-tzu Chatter times two

Feb 4, 2010 – Fat Murray’s offers a wide variety of snacks for your dog. Their decorated cookies have no sugar, no dyes, colorings or preservatives. …”Without a doubt the BEST products! I only give my Westie, Chandler, My Doggy Treats, he loves All the Flavors and the service is the best. I recommend My Doggy Treats to all my friends…”