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I am the owner of a dog boutique that specializes in antlers for dogs. are a great, great dog treat chew bone for dogs and puppy’s but there are some guidelines you would want to follow. ONLY buy from a company that buys from antler suppliers in the United States. In my expierence, elk are better
then deer, they last longer and they don’t really splinter or split. If buying
your antlers online, try to find a site with some reviews of that retailers antlers.
If this is the first time you are purchasing from that retailer, email them, see
if the retailer responds and is knowledge about the products. The retailer should
be able to suggest the proper size and density for the type and size dog or puppy
you have. I have been selling high quality elk antlers dog treats for years and
years and the only issues I have seen causing stomach issues is when a dog with
a sensitive stomach has an antler with too much marrow inside. With a puppy or
even a dog with stomach issues, I would advise asking your vet first but speak
to the retailer about it. I personally choose the antler that fits the dog and
the dog’s situation. I would never give a high density, dark marrowed antler to
a new puppy or a older dog with a sensitive stomach. If you can stick to some
guidelines and try one out, you will be pleasantly surprised and probably hooked.
It’s the only dog treat out there that you actually get your money’s worth.

Elk and deer antlers are a great natural and healthy chew option for dogs.

At Silver Gate Antlers we offer an extensive line of Deer and Elk Antler Chews in a variety of sizes, suitable for all breeds of dogs. The next time you're shopping for a quality all natural chew for your dog check out our selection and buy with confidence, your dog with thank you!

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Find and save ideas about Antler dog chews on Pinterest. | See more about Deer antlers for dogs, Gun dog training and Hunting dogs. I marketed them across North America and spread the word that these naturally shed antlers make great chews for dogs. So we tried different species of antler with different dogs; mule deer antlers, whitetail deer antlers, moose antlers and caribou. As far as size and different species is concerned, some dogs really like elk others prefer mule deer some whitetail; its just like how people have different tastes for different foods. You’ll need to experiment with your dog to find out what his preferences are. Most dogs that are heavy chewers like them all! They can also be cut up into different sizes and shapes to fit your dogs needs.

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Since 2006, our American owned and family operated small business has been providing high quality Elk and Deer Antler Dog Chews to our customers and their canine companions. Here at Ida Glow, we take a great deal of pride in knowing that our premium antler dog chews have satisfied thousands of dogs across the U.S.A. We look forward to serving you with our personal service, quick shipping and dependable Antler Dog Chew products!

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