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Sitting around the house all day every day does nobody any good. Your dog will benefit greatly from an active social life, and our dog daycare is uniquely set up to provide them the right amount they need. Through directed play and free interaction, your dog’s confidence will grow and their emotional health will improve. Plus, they may even make a life-long friend or two.

All daycare dogs must be dropped off prior to 12:00 pm on the day of daycare.

Has your dog not been spayed or neutered for dog show or breeding purposes? Rest assured: our restrictions are based on our assessment of your dog’s individual suitability for daycare or boarding, not rigid across-the-board rules.

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We know structure is important for your dog’s development. Here’s a typical day at dog daycare: Your dog loves to be social with other dogs and people, and you know your dog is stressed or lonely when you leave for work. Leaving the TV on when you leave is just not enough. Even when it’s Animal Planet. Here are a few more tell-tale signs that your dog would benefit from our Day Care program:

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The indoor playrooms in our facility were designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Each room comes equipped with rubberized flooring, similar to material used in daycares for children. It’s gentle on the pads of dog’s feet, and is also non-slip and anti-bacterial.

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City Dogs provides a fun and active environment while also fostering good manners and social skills. Dogs engage in supervised play, benefitting from canine and human socialization and exercise. Each day our daycare staff writes a report card letting you know how your dog’s day went.At City Dogs, we care for your dog like our own. We provide cage-free daycare and overnight boarding (except feeding and grooming), staffed 24 hours a day by dog lovers trained to handle friendly dogs of all sizes, breeds, and energy levels. We can give your dog the salon treatment in our grooming salon. City Dogs also hosts obedience training for puppies and adults.Daycare is divided into two groups, based on size and play level. The small dog play room has dogs 8 lbs to 35 lbs, as well as seniors and shy, gentle dogs. Dogs over 35 lbs or with a more rambunctious play style go into our big dog play room. Dogs are given the freedom to play or cuddle up for a nap at their own choice throughout the day.All dogs need socialization with dogs and humans in order to have a well-balanced disposition. Dog daycare helps busy dog owners with active dogs who need extra attention. Daycare also helps owners of new puppies (over 12 weeks) and recently adopted rescue dogs settle into their new homes by giving them attention while you’re not home. If you are struggling with potty training or separation anxiety, you can go to work without worrying about barking or accidents, and work on training at your convenience. We can usually accommodate last minute daycare and boarding, enabling last minute travel plans or extended workdays. Dog daycare helps keep a balanced and happy dog.