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Leash-pulling is an epidemic that in many cases can lead to frustration-based aggression and sometimes even physical damage to the dog’s neck. It’s also a sad situation for owners who just want to enjoy a stroll with their dogs.

A. It seems counterintuitive, but it is better for dogs to meet off-leash. Let me explain why.

This also applies if you are on private property without the owner’s consent. The leash must not be longer than eight feet, with some exceptions, such as service dogs and police dogs. It’s a $50 fine for the first offense and up to a $1,000 fine or 30 days in jail for subsequent offenses.

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Cons: Not as long as some leashes, may not be durable for dogs over 100 pounds When to get professional help: The instructions in this post will work on the vast majority of dogs who dislike their leashes. However, if your dog is truly afraid and is in danger of hurting himself or you, or if you’ve trained consistently for about a month and you’re getting nowhere, it’s time to seek out a professional dog trainer.

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While dogs could run free at Rodeo Beach, at Muir Beach they would have to be on-leash, after an earlier version of the plan banned them entirely. A fresh revision allows on-leash at the Kaashi Way loop trail at Muir Beach.

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In many large municipal areas, dogs are required to be on leash. This may be true for an entire city, or just parts of it. Be sure to check the law for .In a perfect world all dogs would be introduced to each other with the presence of movement, in a calm state of mind, and without the restraint of a leash. Unfortunately the gap between the perfect world and reality can be enormous at times, so let’s go over some tips for a successful on-leash meet and greet with two dogs.Introducing dogs while they are on their leashes can be a potential disaster. Not even getting into the discussion of , dogs that are well socialized and friendly can react differently when faced with the spacial limitations and added frustration that leashes sometimes provide, especially when greeting another dog. We need to acknowledge the fact that, no matter how well trained our dog is, there will always be that possibility for a situation to happen which you have not trained him for, and sometimes the consequences could be quite devastating. So, before you decide to unleash your dog, remember the importance of leashes and how they give you when meeting up with other dogs. You might be saying, "Don't worry, my dog is very friendly." Yes, that may be true. But what about the other dogs you meet? When in doubt, use a leash. It is always best to be safe than sorry.