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Two exceptions: 1) “Forgetful” and irresponsible pet parents who won’t begin the medication on time or build their dog’s natural immunity might want to medicate year round, although that means they have to remember to give meds every month. 2) If your dog contracts heartworms within a few years of beginning medication … and you can show you gave meds year round … and your dog had the required blood tests (2 or 3), you may benefit a little financially because drug companies will pay for dog’s treatment. (Read the terms published by an on-line seller.)

#1 Heartworms are becoming resistant and even dogs on meds are getting them

Your dog’s heartworm meds probably cost from $5 to $20 per month, depending on his size. You probably also test in the spring before starting the meds if you live in a colder climate. Testing is typically $30 to $50 per test.

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Are there any over the counter pain meds for dogs with osteoarthritis? That’s absolutely true. And the more we use the drugs, the less effective they become. In the US, more and more dogs each year are getting heartworm while on heartworm meds.

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Some dogs don’t need medications, as much as they need consistent training and exercise, but for others the benefits of the appropriate medication are huge. Talk to a trainer and a vet to determine if medications are an option for your dog. You’ll want to run blood tests to be sure that your dog’s body can handle long term use of a medication. And remember, the use of medication alone will not change your dog’s behavior! The meds will make it easier for your dog to learn the new skills and behaviors you will continue to teach it. It is also helpful to rule out any medical conditions that could be impacting your dog’s tolerance for stressful events. , tick borne diseases, injuries and illnesses can all make a dog less able to cope.Another question: is your dog healthy enough for these medications? The “Heartworm Prevention” page of the states: “Healthy kidneys and normal liver functions are essential in metabolizing most medications.” Many dogs, including my Jiggy, do not have healthy organ function. I wonder how many unhealthy animals are nevertheless on meds? "Pet Shed is my hero! Not everyone can afford the expensive meds to help with fleas and heart worm. When you have two dogs, it is even harder! Thank you Pet Shed for the affordable medicine to take care of my fur babies! I will forever be a loyal member!" While everyone agrees that heartworm infestations can be life-threatening, infestation is far from inevitable nor is it the immutable death sentence advertisers would have you believe. (Otherwise, all dogs and cats not on meds would die of infestation. But they don’t.)