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The next step, toward the end of the 19th century, was metal license tags, those familiar collar accessories that so often announce a dog’s presence with a cheery clink. At least 16 countries are known to have issued metal tags before 1900, but these are extremely rare; the most commonly found tags date from the 1940s on. Brass, copper, tin and aluminum were popular for tags, and many old metal tags have acquired handsome, well-worn patinas. Humorous, quaint, elegant or naïve, these metal miniatures are incredibly varied.

Kennel tags also are available for $50 each for up to 20 dogs, and all animals must be in a kennel on the same parcel of land.

Service dogs are amazing animals that help make people’s lives better. We often hear stories of service dogs being denied entry into businesses because people are misinformed on their rights. Unfortunately some people are making things even more difficult for service dogs. The New York Post reported that many New Yorkers have been using fake “service dog” tags on their pets so they can take them wherever they want.

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Halifax County Treasurer Ruth S. Oakes reminds dog owners the 2016 dog tags need to be on dogs by Feb. 1. Warren County requires that all dogs four (4) months old or older be licensed. Tags need to be purchased within 90 days of the dog receiving their rabies vaccination. This is now required by Virginia State Law. Dog tags go on sale November 1st of each year and are required be purchased by January 31. A current rabies vaccination certificate which has been signed by a veterinarian must be presented at the time of purchase. Also a certificate showing the dog has been spayed or neutered must be presented to receive the discount rate. Renewal applications are mailed with annual tax bills. At this time, kennel tags are not sold in Warren County.

Payments postmarked on or before the deadline(s) will be considered timely. If a payment falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the due date is moved to the following business day.

Warren County accepts payments in person or by mail to:
PO Box 1540, Front Royal, VA, 22630.

Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check or money order.
Mastercard and Visa are accepted with a 1.99% convenience fee of the total paid

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Those who acquire more dogs and have remaining tags left can bring in the vaccination certificate, and treasurer’s office personnel will stamp the papers and issue tags from the kennel.

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We offer engraved dog tags, print decals and signs, as well as: Many of our products can be engraved with your dog's breed and name and can be customized based on if it's a service or therapy dog. The handler dog tag gives owners a convenient and visible option to inform others that they require the assistance of a service dog.Let that sink in for a moment – only as many as one-fifth of lost dogs go home after being found. The other 80-85 percent go to animal shelters or, worse yet, can be struck by cars or injured when they’re out on the run for an extended period of time. And that is why dog tags are so important for your pet.