Dogswell LiveFree Chicken Dry Dog Food 12lb

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Dogswell LiveFree canned dog food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.

Dogswell's LiveFree food is available exclusively at independent pet retailers and at Unleashed by Petco. A round-up video of the event is available .

Dogswell LiveFree Senior Chicken Dog Food 12 Pack

Dogswell LiveFree Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating rating of 5 stars. LiveFree uses four different protein sources in its recipes: cage-free chicken, cage-free turkey, antibiotic-free lamb, and wild-caught salmon. There are different formulas designed for specific life stages — puppy, adult, and senior. Each dry food recipe is mixed with pieces of dry kibble that Dogswell calls DigestiBits. These special nuggets (which are unique to LiveFree) contain egg, pumpkin, prebiotics, probiotics, and 11 antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies to boost fiber intake and help with digestion.

Dogswell LiveFree Senior Chicken Dry Dog Food 12lb

Chelsea here again. I know, I know … you’re thinking I’m going to write a cat blog — but I’m actually here to talk about DOG FOOD! We have carried for awhile now, and there are tons of customers who absolutely love it. Dogswell, the makers of Nutrisca, came out with a new line not too long ago called LiveFree. While the Nutrisca line is known for its low glycemic index thanks to the chickpeas used in its formulas, LiveFree has an even lower glycemic index! So I’m here to talk about how beneficial this food line is, and the importance of having a low glycemic index (GI) diet.

Dogswell LiveFree Senior Chicken Dry Dog Food 25lb

Overall, the LiveFree dog food was a huge success in our house – and we have a lot of factors to account for in any food! It worked for everyone… and now you can see if it works for you! Thanks to the generosity of Dogswell, one of YOU will win the same lamb formula we tried!LiveFree is the newest food on the market for us health conscious pet owners. The food is added to the Dogswell food line and goes right along with their Nutrisca brand.That’s it! You can to visit Dogswell’s LiveFree sweepstakes page on Facebook. And here’s the if you want to check them out for yourself.A glycemic rating under 55 is considered low – Dogswell LiveFree® dry food recipes range from 9-11 and canned food ranges from 3.5-3.6. Maintaining a low glycemic diet prevents spikes in blood sugar levels and supports slower digestion and sustained energy. What’s the secret? Dogswell® ditched the potatoes and grains and replaced them with chickpeas and some good ‘ol fashioned know how.We are a household of health-conscious eaters and that transcends to our pets, as well. So, we were thrilled when the folks at Dogswell® offered us the opportunity to sample their LiveFree® ultra low glycemic dog food. What sets apart from others? It’s packed with a boatload of premium protein with zip, zilch, zero grain and potato fillers. The ultra low glycemic natural formula is made from responsibly-raised ingredients with the #1 ingredient being protein.Dogswell recently sent us 3 bags of premium LiveFree dry dog food in , and recipes to test. We are very careful about testing out dog food. First of all, we want our dog to have the best health and we understand you need to be very careful about switching a dog’s diet.