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Additionally, they manufacture a version for sliding glass doors that accommodates small pets, up to 20 pounds. The Electronic Patio Pet Door is designed for cats and small dogs and has a spring-loaded top that provides an adjustment range of two-and-a-half inches to fit into a patio door opening. The Electronic Patio Dog and Cat Door is triggered by a magnetized collar tag.

Large, For dogs up to 100 lbs., Product Dimensions-17 3/8

A: The will generally be adequate for medium to large dogs and they require the dog to still push the flap to get in and out. These two electronic doors differ from other electronic doors because these doors only unlock the flap for entry/exit, rather than the flap opening/closing automatically when the pet gets in close enough proximity to enter/exit. These are also good options for letting the dog out and keeping the cat in.

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The door reads the unique signal of the key on your pet's collar and triggers the flap to unlock Looks like Julius had no problem learning to use his new Power Pet door. Typically dogs learn to use their door within minutes. We have received thousands of comments from customers who all seem to echo "My dog LOVES this door!" Of course they do. No more having to wait for their lazy owners to let them out at 5 AM. No flap to push open. And many dogs, like Julius here, will tell you they just like it cause it's cool!

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Featured on HGTV and many other news and information shows, and thousands of customer reviews, The Power Pet Door is one of the most useful inventions for pets and for the people they own. Power Pet doors are motorized to operate like a power car window only much faster. The pet controlled, directional ultrasonic pet collar lets your four-legged friends come and go safely and securely while completely freeing you of doggie doorman duty. Dog training is easy with a power pet electric doggie door. Most dogs learn to use their Power Pet door with no training at all. Others may take a few minutes, but virtually all dogs and cats learn to use their automatic dog door quickly and easily with a few simple training steps.


It is offered in both a wall mount and door mount option. The Plexidor automatic dog door is available in one common size large. Since unlike a manual pet flap, your pet does not need to push it open to exit your house, this large size electronic doggie door can be used for the smallest pet up to dogs weighing 125 pounds. So it would work great if you have multiple pets of various sizes. We carry electronic , made by Ideal and High Tech Pet Products. Patio Pacific offers an . Only High Tech's electronic are available for large dogs. In addition to offering one of the largest selections of we are now excited to offer another option for people with sliding patio doors. The new AutoSlide which is very similar to the former Doormate automatic sliding patio door opener. The first, the Power Pet Door, uses an engineered ABS plastic composite for durability. The sensor that goes on the dog’s collar is “directional ultrasonic detection circuitry,” which means that the door will only open when the dog is on a direct approach, rather than walking past. The doors are available in two sizes: medium, for pets up to 30 pounds, and large, for pets up to 90 pounds.But the product seems like a smart solution to a common flaw with doggy doors. Maybe the best part about it, though, is this line from the press release: "It is like having a personalized garage door and electronic opener specifically for your dogs."