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If your dog has an irresistible urge to scratch his ears and you suspect it may be because of allergies, you may be interested in an ear cleaner enriched with glucocorticoid agents. Check the label for products boasting the following ingredients: hydrocortisone, betamethasone, triamcinolone and mometasone. These ingredients are helpful in suppressing the immune response and decreasing the swelling and inflammation in your dog's ears.

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This is an IN-DEPTH, detailed demonstration on how to clean and medicate a dog's ears by a veterinarian. Hopefully, this video will help you. The best medicine in the world won't work if you don't get it in the ear correctly!

Make sure your veterinarian is involved, and please..know what you are treating, I know it's tempting to go get over the counter ear mite medication at the local pet store....but in the long run...these things usually don't work (unless you know for SURE he/she has mites) and they just delay correct treatment and prolong the suffering. (ear infections hurt)
Hi you guys. This is Dr. Susan. I have made this video especially for my clients who may not know how to do this.
Sometimes they think they do, only to discover that they weren't doing it right (weren't getting the "smacking sound").

It is easier to demonstrate this than to try to discribe it.
Over the years I have seen a lot of people get frustrated. I feel bad for these people, because they keep coming back over and over...No offense, but I would rather not see them that often...I would rather know that their dog is feeling good and that they know how to deal with these infections.
I HATE that people feel like they are being "nicked and dimed" to death. Hopefully this video will somehow help you. Remember, do NOT use q-tips, except on the very outer part where you can see the end of it.
Good luck!

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Before you begin to clean your dog's ears, you will need a few supplies: Best ear cleaner for long eared dogs, hands down. I've used this on my dogs' ears for a few years now. No more yeast infections or expensive prescriptions.

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Put a generous amount of cleaner in each ear and massage the base of the ears for thirty seconds. Then stand back and let your dog shake his head. Wipe the visible part of the inner ears with a cotton ball or tissue to remove any excess cleaner. Don’t use a Q-tip in your dog’s ear; it could damage his ear drum.

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• Best dog ear cleaner for dogs that cleans, soothes, and removes excess moisture
• Cruelty free, pH balanced for dogs, and Made in the USA
• Easy to use …Your dog may also shake his head violently or rub his ears along the ground or scratch at them. If you notice any of these symptoms, do not attempt cleaning your dog’s ears! Contact your veterinarian immediately for an appropriate treatment. Ear infections that aren’t dealt with properly can lead to permanent damage and even hearing loss. Visit the Washington State University website for information on .