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Ear mites are the most common parasitic ear infection in dogs and cats, but they are often mistaken for bacterial and yeast ear infections. It is important that they are properly diagnosed so that your pet is given the appropriate treatment. You can now better diagnose if your pet has ear mites, and have an understanding of the mite life cycle. There are a number of both conventional and holistic remedies for ear mite treatment in dogs and cats, and you can now choose what is most appropriate for your pet.

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All pets can suffer from ear mites and/or ear infection symptoms. This is a natural & cats, killing adults and eggs as they hatch. Ear mites treatment always requires treating for ear mites a few weeks after the initial application because of eggs which will hatch and need to be killed. Ear Mites are something that animals share easily so if a cat or dog has ear mites and there are other animals, there is a good chance their ears can be infested too. Use these veterinary ear drops to get rid of the ear mites infesting your pets and eliminate the need for prescription pet meds. Avoid chemicals, dangerous pesticides by this natural remedy for treating ear infections in dogs and to get rid of dog ear mites, cat ear mites, ear mites in kittens, ear mites in puppies, even farm animals, horses, livestock and wild animals. Fast and SAFE!

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Hartz® UltraGuard™ Ear Mite Treatment for Dogs kills ear mites on contact. Formula contains aloe to help soothe irritated skin in treated area. A newer, but not FDA-approved treatment, involves the use of , a powerful anti-parasite medication. Ivermectin is especially helpful for pets who will not allow direct treatment of their ears. Most Ivermectin injectable protocols involve shots weekly or every two weeks. This is a highly effective method of ear mite eradication but there are some limitations. Certain breeds of dogs are sensitive to this medication and cannot take it. Certain individuals have similar sensitivities which cannot be predicted by breed. Injectable ivermectin is not approved for the treatment of ear mites in small animals. For safety reasons, it is probably better to employ one of the single-use products approved for use against ear mites.

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Shampoos: During treatment, mites may move from the ear canal and take shelter elsewhere on the dog's body. Therefore, it is important to treat the animal's whole body, as well as other pets in the home. A shampoo containing one of the above antiparasitic active ingredients may be most effective. The home and dog's living environment should also be fully cleaned.

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