Suspect ear mites if both of your dog's ears are involved.

For canine ear mites your veterinarian will first clean the earswith a product like .Medications are then applied in one to two treatments applied to theearcanal. Ear drops contain a miticide with popular brands called Acarexx(an invermectin .01% based mitcide) or MilbeMiteOTIC (.1% solution of milbemycin oxime). The dropsmay need to be used 1x to 2x. Revolution (Selamectin) is then appliedtwice at 30 day intervals to protect against any mites (Revolution isis a spot-on fordogs older than 6 weeks of age only). If there are signs of a bacterialor fungal infection in the ears, medications will be prescribed totreat these conditions as well.

Ear mites are tiny insects that live inside the ear canal and suck your dog´s blood.

Cats and dogs can both harbor ear mites, but the problem is more common in cats. Ear mites are small parasites that live primarily in the ears. Ear mites sustain themselves by eating skin cells, blood, and earwax. They deposit their waste (a dark, crusty debris) in the ear of the host animal. They also mate and produce eggs in the ear of the host. The mite’s entire life cycle is only about three weeks, and the mite spends its whole life on the animal. Ear mites are contagious between and dogs and to some other animals (for example, ferrets), but they are not considered contagious to humans.

Garlic is also believed to be a useful remedy for ear mites in dogs.

Ear Mites In Dogs And Cats: Top 5 Sure Fire Remedies That Work By Dr. Andrew Jones Breed: Dogs with a lot of hair in the ear canal and larger, hanging ears may be more susceptible to ear mites and other ear infections. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, cocker spaniels, basset hounds, miniature poodles, and schnauzers may be more prone to infections for these reasons.

Ear mites in dogs should not be taken lightly.

my vet gave me a cleanser and some ear drops for my dogs mites but my dog won’t let me any where near his ears is there another way of treating them with maybe a tablet or injection

Symptoms of ear mites in dogs are as follows;

Ear mites in dogs and ear mites in cats are tiny little creatures rather like spiders. They have eight legs and live on or just under the surface of the skin. The two species of mites that cause ear infections are Otodectes and Notoedres. Otodectes infect dogs, cats, foxes and ferrets. Notoedres infect cats—usually the body and sometimes the ear. A common mite that causes skin infection and may involve areas of the head around the ears is demodex. While demodex causes skin infections around the ear, it does not cause infections in the ear canal.What exactly are ear mites and how do you get rid of them? Will ear mites affect your dog's hearing ability? If you have other dogs in the house, should you be worried that they might also catch ear mites? This article will attempt to answer these questions for you.