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I have been a loyal customer of Evanger’s for many years. If you just go by ingredient labels, they are a great food. I have seen complaints about the company, but our rescue dogs were doing well on the food, liked the food, and it was reasonably affordable for our rescue. Recently, I have noticed more and more issues with inconsistency in their canned foods. Sometimes runny, sometimes smells odd, sometimes a huge layer of fat (way too much). Last week, I opened a can of their Chicken Stew for one of the senior blind dogs in the rescue. I was shocked to find a huge piece of metal in the food and upon further inspection, noticed many smaller, sharp pieces of metal. It scares me because had it not been for the large piece, I might have missed the small pieces of metal and wonder if this has happened in the past. Quality control at Evangers seems non-existent.
I attempted to notify Evangers, but so far they have not returned our emails or calls. I understand that thing can happen in manufacturing, but this could have been deadly for the dog had we not noticed. The fact that Evangers has not even responded says a lot about their company. After many years of being loyal customers and recommending their foods, we are done with their food and will never purchase again! Another interesting thing I noticed, any even slightly negative experiences or comments posted to their Facebook page seem to just disappear. Terrible for a company to be so irresponsible and show no accountability or concern for their products.
By Nature is similar in pricing and their quality seems much better with consistency in their foods, I know what to expect when I open a can!

Evanger’s Grain Free Game Meats Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.

Evanger’s, which has been in business for 82 years and never had to recall its products, said the affected meat came from one supplier, and they’ve now terminated that relationship. Many dogs may have eaten the food and not had issues.

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Evanger’s Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars. Because my dogs have been doing great on Victors but I have heard the company that produces Evangers is not good. I would have to rethink my choice to feed a food made by a company with a bad track record.

February 3, 2017 — Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company, Inc

I knew Evanger’s had a cannery, but I thought they also made their own kibble. Apparently not. Oops. I don’t really follow them because of all the dirty stuff they have done. I don’t pay for any of those lists for dog food. 🙂

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Wheeling-based pet food company Evanger's has recalled some lots of its Hunk of Beef dog food over concerns it may contain a sedative used to euthanize animals. A -based pet food-maker is voluntarily recalling some of its dog food over concerns that it might contain a sedative used to euthanize animals. Several dogs in Washington state became sick on New Year's Eve after eating the food, and one died, Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Co. said.