Evanger's Dry Dog Food - Chicken 33 Lb bag

Ahhh! Help!!! I am currently feeding my dog Evangers and I thought it was awesome. Inexpensive/good quality…maybe too good to be true it seems. I was doing the wet food, but just switched back to the dry food (a mixture of Chic/Br Rice and Whitefish/Sweetpotato). My dog is small so I love the small kibble size and he gobbles it down. BUT…now I am worried after reading those ChiTribune reports about shady activity by the owner and the possibility of lies about the ingredients. Can we trust this brand?!?!? Whats the current sentiment? Is there another brand that you can recommend that has tiny kibble size? I used to use Acana but they are HUGE! Arggg….so frustrating and scary trying to navigate the pet food industry.

Judging by its ingredients alone, Evanger’s Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product.

I have 2 dogs with extremely sensitive stomachs. I've tried several brands of high quality dog food, including Acana, Merrick, Honest Kitchen, etc. and nothing seemed to settle well with them. I got a tip from a friend to try Evanger's. I emailed the company to see if I could get some advice on what foods to choose. I got some great advice from them on choosing the Pheasant and Sweet Potato dry kibble mixed with Evanger's canned Sweet Potato. They explained to me exactly how to transition them to the new food. After almost a year, I can confidently say that my dogs are thriving on this food! Absolutely love it.

Evanger's Dry Dog Food - Chicken 4.4 Lb bag

Evanger's Grain-Free Meat Lover's Medley With Rabbit Dry Dog Food 4.4 Lbs Satisfy your dog's natural cravings for meat with Evanger's Grain Free Meat Lover's Medley with Rabbit Dry Dog Food. This mouthwatering meal is made with fresh rabbit, pork and beef - providing your dog with high levels of healthy proteins. Each meaty bite is full of Omega-3 and 6 for healthy skin and coat, probiotics to support healthy immune and digestive systems, and ground flaxseed. Evanger's does not contain any grain, corn, wheat, soy, or chemicals of any kind. A powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants support your pups total body wellness.

Evanger's Dry Dog Food - Pheasant 4.4 Lb bag

…palatable product. Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding,Evanger's Grain Free Chicken Canned Dog Food makes an excellent mixer with your favorite dry food. *Please Note: Evanger's Super Premium Cooked Chicken Canned Dog Food is now known as Evanger's Grain Free Chicken Canned Dog Food.

Evanger's Dry Dog Food - Pheasant Evanger's Pheasant Adult Dog 16.5Lb

My dog loves Evanger's dog food. The can food is great. I haven't tried the dry food yet. My dog really enjoys the classic line as well as the hunk of beef. I love Evanger's dog food because it's natural and fortified with vitamins and nutrients. He's a healthy dog with a beautiful coat thanks to Evanger's.My dog loves Evanger's Chicken and Brown Rice dry food. I recently had to mix in another brand of chicken and brown rice dry food because I was running low and in a pinch. My dog actually picked out the individual pieces of the other brand because he preferred the Evanger's brand. He also loves Evanger's wet food. Sometimes for special occasions I give him wet mixed with dry food and he scarfs it down.