Solvit Deluxe Xl Extra Long Telescoping Dog Pet Ramp, 48 ..

This Gen7Pets Natural-Step Ramp gives you an extra long ramp that’s padded with soft, artificial grass that dogs will find very comforting and natural.

Extra long, Extra Wide Dog ramp extends to 87

$125.99-$199.99 7' Aluminum Folding Suitcase Dog Ramp - The Extra long suitcase dog ramp is the perfect loading tool for your dog or pet into higher areas such as the rear of Suv's, 4x4 pick up trucks, multiple steps, grooming tables, high porches or anywhere the standard length pet ramp does not have sufficient length. With its quality, attractive light weight aluminum design this dog ramp is ea ...

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Extra Long 8' Folding Aluminum Dog Ramp for heights to 43 In general animals 15 pounds or smaller will be quite at home on a 10″ pet ramp. While larger dogs with broader stances will be more comfortable on an extra-wide ramp. Cats, rabbits, chinchillas, etc will usually be fine on a smaller ramp as long it’s not too steep of an angle. Only you know your pets abilities! A three legged or tail-less cat might not have the balance to be comfortable climbing a 10″ wide ramp. Where as an active fearless kitten may have no problem bounding up and down. The best thing to do is measure your pets stance as shown below and then add an inch to each side. This measurement gives the minimum width at which your pet will feel comfortable and safe. That being said, we’ve met many border collies who are more than agile enough for a 10″ ramp.

Prairie View Industries Folding Aluminum Dog Ramp - Extra Long

This is one of the best dog safety ramps because it folds in the middle and has an easy-carry handle. It only weighs 23 pounds, which means it's easy to take along in the car. This has been a most helpful accessory for pet owners whose dogs are either too old, too weak or too small to climb into the car. And for those with senior or injured large breed dogs, the need is even more pronounced. The gradual incline and the extra width of the Rage Powersports Lightweight Extra-Wide Folding Aluminum Pet Ramp makes the dog's climb less painful and more dignified.

Extra long, Extra Wide Dog ramp extends to 87".