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If you are looking for a humane way to protect your dog, fencing for dogs from Benner’s Gardens is a better alternative to other forms of fencing that could potentially injure your dog. Finding the safest way possible to create a barrier for your dog should be at the top of your list of priorities as a pet owner. When you choose fencing for dogs from Benner’s Gardens, you can feel confident that you have chosen a pet protection solution that is effective and won’t hurt your pet. With fencing for dogs from Benner’s Best Friend Fence you can rest assured that your dog will have a safe place to exercise any hazards or dangers. You get only the best from Benner’s Best Friend Fence-Your fuzzy family member deserves it!

There are numerous types of fences for dogs. One of them is an in-ground pet fence system.

For a gorgeous, sleek look and a modern feel, place wooden fence boards horizontally. This may help with your home’s resale value. 🙂 Also, install boards flush to the ground to keep dogs from escaping.

Stop Fence Jumping And Escaping For All Dogs And Puppies

In a nutshell, the price of electric fence for dogs varies from $200 to $400 or more. Hi, I have an invisible fence for my dogs, a very fast boxer and also a very fast yellow lab. Before installing invisible fence we had 2 chows and a bassot hound. The chows were on the road several times, and the bassit played with a semi, and did not survive, so we decided to put in an invisible fence, about 6 yrs. ago. Now we did not just put the collar on and stick the dogs outside(dumb move), we trained the dogs every day for about a month, and when we did turn the collar on, it was low, and the dogs recognized the beep and stayed back. We then still did not let them go for a couple more weeks, and when we did they stayed in the yard. I wish we would have had the fence years ago. We burried 1500 feet of wire, so the dogs have alot of place to run, and they do! They have never ran through the fence ever, and if you have seen a boxer run, they are fast., and as far as animals getting in, i see squirrles, and rabbits stay on the other side of the fence when the dogs are out because they know the dogs will not pass the line. Dogs are smart, and learn well, when our lab does not have her collar on, she still stays back, but after about a week she realizes there has been no beep, and she sneaks out, but as soon as the collar is on, she never tries. My dogs are very healthy and the vet says the fence is great, it keeps them safe. If you are going to install one , you need to be responsible and train you dog, if it does not work, it is not the dogs fault, you can read the instructions, they can not.

For climbing/jumping dogs: Add an extension to your fence.

What a frustrating situation, Cortney! It’s definitely possible that the Invisible Fence could cause your Chihuahua mix’s fear issues to worsen. If you live in Minnesota, I’d be happy to arrange a private lesson to see if we can figure out some long-term solutions to your dogs’ potty issues. If you’re not close by, check out for a trainer in your area who can help you get a handle on this.

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