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When the weather gets blustery, humans grab a fleece coat to stay warm...why not share that luxury with our dogs? We love that Fido Fleece Dog Coats are durable, fashion-forward coats, that keep a dog's vulnerable underside protected, while the custom fabrics and patterns make sure that every dog is super stylish! This Green Argyle Fido Fleece is sure to keep your pooch warm, cozy, and fashionable! Don't settle for an imitation - there's only one Fido Fleece dog coat!

- Softshell coats: 2 layers: softshell (sportwear fabric for well muscled dogs) + fleece (for cold weather, moderately waterproof)

Fido Fleece Dog Coats are durable, fashion-forward coats that feature custom fabrics and patterns that make sure every dog is super stylish! They come in many different colors and designs. They also come in special sizes for broad-chested dogs. Just look for the sizes marked with a BC!
Available from many merchants.
Price: varies, about $35

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Made in Canada high quality dog coats and fleece sweaters that fit all dog breeds. Although the pattern can be scaled to fit your dog and fleece is stretchy, the tube-type construction of this sweater makes it hard to put on and take off of large dogs. This pattern is more suited to medium-sized and smaller dogs. For larger dogs, I suggest using a coat-style pattern that lays like a blanket across the back and closes with straps under the tummy and across the chest. Look in for such a pattern. Many of the sweaters for greyhounds have this type of construction.

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Fido Fleece Morocco. Royal blue body fabric with contrasting light blue native style Moroccan influenced "step and repeat" art designs. Solid blue legs & underbelly complete this popular dog coats stylish looks. Detailed embroidered brand logo at the upper back right side add a desirable finishing touch. Available sizes:8, 10, 12, 14, 14BC, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 & 30.

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Warm polar fleece dog coats feature the trendiest custom fabric and pattern designs assuring every dog wearing Fido Fleece is Stylin' with the latest active wear for your Pet Dogs!For those who wouldn’t dream of “dressing up” their dog, keep in mind that it’s the noblest of dogs that wear clothing every day. Police dogs don Kevlar vests, hunting dogs wear reflective jackets, and sheepdogs wear dog coats to warm them up following a long winter’s day of herding.Dog-Tested:Our exclusive Fleece dog coats tail-to-collar opening and Velcro closure makes all our dog coats easy to put on and take off ... even on a squirming dog.Love this light fleece! My diva Great Dane gets chilly at night in the winter here in Duluth and this solves the problem of her waking me up to recover her when her blanket falls off. She will bring it to me to put it on when she is chilly. They are super stretchy and don’t pull out of shape after 1 wear like most knitted dog coats. I plan on getting more!I saw the stretch fleece coat reviewed as one of several “great dog gifts” in The Whole Dog Journal, so checked this website. I have a female fawn-colored dobie who inherited allopecia along with her coat color. She is bare except for her head and legs. I’m forever looking for the best coats for her. I decided to try the Duluth Double Fleece pullover, the Santa Fe pullover, and the Sun Shield Tee. I live in the PNW with current temps at 20 deg so am using the Duluth Double for her right now. She LOVES it and so do I – wonderful cozy fit. I’ll use the Santa Fe pullover for spring and fall weather and the Sun Shield Tee in the summer when she loves to lay out in the sun. What an innovative design and I love that your company is a neighbor (I live in Washington State).Fuzzywumpets' Double Layer Fleece Dog Coats are made from two layers of high quality fleece fabric to ensure that your pooch stays warm on chilly fall days. Velcro closures on the chest and belt make this coat easy to get on and off and provide for a tailored fit. Coordinating solid colors line the inside of the coat. Machine wash and dry.