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Flexi New Classic Cord Leashes offer superior control and security with a comfortable, convenient handle. These retractable leads feature instant braking, high strength cords, durable chromed snap hooks, and ergonomic handles to provide the ultimate walking experience for you and your dog.

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In theory, any inattentive person with any leash, retractable or not, is a potential menace to their dog’s safety and well-being. However, in practice the length of flexileads allows dogs to go further and therefore get into more trouble. An inattentive person walking a dog on a short leash is unlikely to have their pal get hit by a car unless the car jumps onto the sidewalk (which happens not infrequently — I have many times treated dogs who were hit at the same time as their owners while walking on sidewalks). If that same dog is on a long leash he can get off the sidewalk to where the traffic is, which is substantially more dangerous.

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The Flexi Giant Retractable Dog Lead offers your stronger, lively dog extra freedom on the leash Established in 1973, flexi is the inventor and world market leader of retractable pet leashes. What began with a conversion of a chainsaw mechanism more than 40 years ago has grown into a high-tech product that now leads all developed markets worldwide. With more than 300 employees, all flexi leashes are manufactured in Bargteheide, near Hamburg, Germany, where tens of thousands of leashes are produced daily and exported to over 90 countries worldwide. Quality, comfortable handling and innovative designs underline the level of refinement of flexi leashes. The original flexi leash features a high-tech retraction system, which embodies the company’s spirit of continued innovation and uncompromised standards of perfection. Whether classic, trendy, fashionable or elegant, all flexi leashes are designed to excite every dog and their owner. flexi is “Made in Germany” simply at its best.

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Walk your big guy in safety and comfort with the Flexi Giant Retractable Tape Dog Leash. Designed specifically for very strong and very large breeds, the heavy-duty 0.75-inch all-tape lead helps you stay in control of even the biggest best friend. Flexi leashes run smoothly in and out so that your dog can run freely. The inner spring mechanism keeps the tape under slight tension and with the help of the integrated braking system it is possible to direct the dog. The patented Flexi one-hand braking and recoil system is easy to operate. It also guarantees the greatest comfort of use with its ergonomically positioned braking button and constant lock lever.

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