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The highly versatile, Royal Weave Freestanding Dog Gate is the perfect solution for small dog owners looking to block a wide range of openings.

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There are tall pet gates made exclusively for large dogs so they can’t just walk over them or knock them down when they want to go through. Some that are attached to the wall or doorframe have walk-thru gates that lock so even though your dog can’t get through, you still can. Or, if you have a large dog that’s very calm and won’t try to knock the gate down, you can get a tall freestanding pet gate that you can set up and take down without touching your walls. If you want to leave the gate up for a longer period of time, choose a pet gate that can be installed into the wall for added strength.

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Freestanding Pet Gate HS, Dog & Cat Cages, Puppy Pens - Richell USA Dog gates are a great way to block stairs, rooms where your pet is not allowed or to keep your pet contained when you have visitors. are helpful when you want to keep your pet on the deck or porch or if you need to block off an area that could be hazardous. When choosing a dog gate or dog barrier, think about the space you're closing off and the size of your dog. For tall dogs, choose a that is higher than your dog's head so he's not tempted to try and jump over. If you have more than one dog, consider a – dog gates with doors are ideal if you have a cat in the house, too. can be used as a temporary barrier to block a portion of the house. They're also a good choice for puppy training or if you have visitors. are also good for apartments since they don't screw into the walls. To choose a dog gate, measure the space you want to section off. If you are planning on using a freestanding gate, you can add a couple of inches. The best gate for a high-traffic doorway might be a , with a one-hand latch that can be opened even with a load of groceries. Whether you need a , a one, or , we've got a wide assortment of pet gates at Improvements.

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This versatile, three-sided, freestanding dog gate features support feet that allow you to position it in a variety of shapes. The dark walnut finish promises that this hardwood gate will look great in your home. Imported.

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Here's how to build a cheap, easy, free-standing or attached dog or cat gate of any height you want. Use practically no tools ; very few skills needed. All supplies easily accessible.The large freestanding dog gate is made of eco-friendly, sustainable rubberwood. Ideal for small pets 6.5 to 17.5 lbs. Its beautiful hardwood frame complements Richell's other fine wood pet products!So, I was excited to see that Richell offered freestanding dog gates. I didn’t even realize that freestanding dog gates existed until I came across these. I knew that they would be well made because their Pet Stuff Storage Tower was so well made. What I was a little worried about was how stable they would be seems how they are free-standing.
To keep your pet safely on a deck or porch, select a dog door that can withstand the outdoor elements and that has to be installed in the fence of your deck. Make sure the will latch shut so your dog can’t push the gate open if something on the other side catches his eye. A freestanding gate is not recommended to be used on a deck since it can be pushed over by an over-excited dog.