Frontline Plus has two tough killing ingredients

Thank you for the dosing info. I have been doing splitting of the XL dog size for my cats and dogs. I have been using the Advantage 11 and it costs me $100.00 for the 6 pack to treat 2 cats and 10 dogs. large dogs and 8 small and one cat up to 10 Lbs and one up to 20 Lbs. I was able to purchase the frontline for about $60.00 with shipping so this will be a savings for me. It used to cost me much much more for the vet trip etc. Babies still go in for a wellness check with the rabies vac but this saves me a ton. Knowing how to split the frontline is a real help. Normally do not need to deal with fleas yearly but took in a stray cat temporarily and even though it was diseased and I kept it isolated it still dropped off a couple hitch hikers. Once again thank you.

Product - Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Small Dogs, 6 Pack

Ok, I'm going to give you all a secret my vet shared with me. I have 8 dogs & 6 cats so you can imagine what it would cost me if I had to buy Frontline for each & every animal. Frontline for a 6 lb dog & a 100 lb dog cost relatively the same price (which is shameful) but, obviously, you get a LOT less product with the smaller dog package than you would with the biggest dog package. Here's what you do ---

The first, fipronil, kills adult fleas and ticks

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Frontline Plus for Small Dogs up to 22lbs (Orange)