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This extra durable and highly versatile carrier is the ideal solution for traveling with your pet and taking your pet on vacations, vet visits, grooming appointments, pet shows, and more. These Vari Kennel Crates meet most airline requirements and they easily convert to a pet shelter or bed. Designed for optimal versatility, these crates are also great for crate training or potty training. When it comes to crate training or traveling with your extra large breed dog, then be sure to check out the PetMate Traditional Vari Kennel Portable Kennel. The PetMate Vari Kennel line is made of durable high-impact plastic for years of easy-to-clean use-and also includes wire vent grills and doors to encourage proper ventilation and promote a healthy flow of air. It has engineering-grade fasteners that are non-toxic and have a high tensile strength that is greater than steel and also resists loosening due to vibrations. This vari kennel also assembles in minutes without any tools. Many pet parents especially appreciate the dual rod spring-loaded latch that's easy to operate but stays very well secured, as well as the plastic wing-nut fasteners that will not corrode. These giant portable kennels have plenty of ventilation provided by side rails that prevent the carrier from sitting flat against the wall, which can block air circulation.

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Doskocil makes a number of products for puppies and dogs including portable kennels, exercise pens, dog houses, and feeders and waterers. As a dog crate manufacturer, their focus is on portable plastic crates. If you’re looking for an airline-approved crate so you can travel with your dog, you should check them out. Doskocil manufactures dog crates to fit any breed. They have mini pet homes for toy dogs all the way up to giant wire or plastic crates to accommodate your Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound.

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Giant Dog Crate by Furrarri. Dogs up to 85lbsI have for sale a giant plastic dog crate. It is made by Ferrari and it's for dogs up to 85 pounds. This housed a.

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