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, easily attaches inside any existing dog bowl via suction cup to help slow the feeding speed and the amount of food consumed with each bite. For some breeds, research shows that raised dog bowls may increase the risk of bloat in dogs but results vary so speak to your veterinarian. Your vet might also recommend adding canned food to your dog’s diet or changing from dry foods that contain fats or citric acid as primary ingredients. It is also advisable to restrict vigorous exercise or too much water immediately following a meal.

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With so many products on the market to help address the issue of pets wolfing down their food, I find that the ones like slow feed bowls only compound the problem. These bowls can range from having a spoke-like design to a dome in the middle to slow down the amount of food that goes down the hatch at a given time. However, in an even greater effort to ingest the food, I find that most dogs end up get more worked up about their meal than usual, even swallowing a lot more air. These issues are not only leading causes of bloat (something these products were meant to help avoid!), but they typically , as well.

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SID32GG5Z8 Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl, Black, Medium Hi I own and breed Boston Terriers here in the UK and because they all eat so fast and suffer with vomiting and wind after eating I have been testing these anti gulping bowls – I first bought a plastic small size Brake Fast bowls, and found that it did not work that well for my Bostons who also have short wide muzzles like pugs – and I did not like the way it slides all over the floor, so we tried a Dogit Go Slow but again they could not get their noses in it to eat the last amount of biscuits also I found it shattered after only a week of use because of the dogs were constantly banging thier teeth against it to get at the biscuits that remained in the bowl – This week I decided to try the new savic Slow down and again have a similar problem with the dogs not being able to get at the biscuits, So was doing a search online as I was thinking of trying to get hold of a metal Brake Fast Bowl and came accross your thread – after reading about it damaging teeth, my thinking is to try the Durapet Slow Feeder as I have had little sucess with the three designs of anti gulping bowls I have trialed so far, Could you tell me what size Durapet Slow Feed you use for your pugs please? as I could not find any info which size / breed suitability and as there is no suppler here in the UK I wanted to ensure I ordered the most suitable size for my dogs. Any help with this would be much appreciated… Thanks in advance Jo and the Daltdach Bostons…

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To test the Anti-Gulping Dog Dish, we put it to the test with Irie. First, we gave Irie 3/4 cup dry kibble in a traditional dog bowl one morning. It took her 53 seconds to eat. (You’ll see this in the video above.) That evening, we gave her 3/4 cup of the same kibble in the DogIt Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish. The same food took her 1 minute, 27 seconds to eat, over half a minute longer than in the traditional bowl! A big paws up for the DogIt Go-Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish!

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