This is her in her half dog crate with two blankies and her gorilla.

At the higher end of the budget is this gorilla tough dog crate called the . It comes with a few bonus features for cage mobility and pet travel.

The Kong comes in 4 versions. For dogs needing a gorilla tough crate, you'll probably want a .

It has a virtually indestructible chew resistant design that prevents an aggressive, strong or powerful dog from setting her jaws or paws to work in an attempt to destroy the cage and escape. There's little chance of your escape artist dog escaping from Alcatraz in this gorilla tough dog crate.

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates Review 2017: Strong Escape Proof Cages

#escape proof dog crate, #heavy duty dog crate, #gorilla tough dog crate, #indestructible dog crate, #strong dog crate I use to be “one of those people”! Then we got Birdie, our black lab pup! She destroyed two crates(even those gorilla ones that are all metal). Eventually, we had to resort to a baby-sitter (grandma) while we were out or take her with us everywhere! Her anxiety level was off the charts and no pills worked. That was 15 years ago! We adopted a Golden and crate trained him. The best thing we ever did!!! Not only was he safe while we slept or were gone, but it helped with potty-training. By the time he was 3 years old, we no longer needed to use it. However, that was his spot! He had his doggie bed in there and that’ where he laid all on his own. Start young! The best and safest thing you can do for your dog!

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…Dura-Ruff Folding Dog Crate, Small Rattan Pet Residence 18" x 26" Small Gorilla Tough Basic Fold & Carry Cage, Small Gorilla Tough Classic Square Back, Small Gorilla Tough Basic Square Back Cage 21" x 27" Intermediate Pet Den, Medium Dura-Ruff Folding Dog Crate, 30" Life…

Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates and Cages for Larger Dogs

So you know that your dog makes light work figuring out how to destroy or escape from a standard crate. And it's now time for an escape proof, indestructible, gorilla tough, dog crate to secure your strong or smart Houdini right? Then you're in the right place. We've reviewed a selection of the toughest heavy duty dog crates that best match your needs and budget.Escape proof dog kennels or crate , inescapable dog crate, strong heavy duty dog crate, gorilla tough dog crate, indestructible dog crate, stainless steel dog crate level 3, best dog crates for an escape artist, or Houdini dog crate escape proof. There’re so many nicknames of “escape proof dog kennels” but the point is the same, as the crates that have been tested to make sure your dog does not get out of the cage / her home.This is an interesting question. When it comes to the saying you get what you pay for, it certainly rings true when it comes to getting a secure and robust gorilla tough dog crate. Do expect to pay around $300-500 to get a fair market valued crate.Many people will be reading this because they are looking for dog crates for which are indeed extremely powerful pooches. You will need a good gorilla-tough dog crate to keep them under control. Physical strength is only one aspect of a dogs escape ability! Pooches are intelligent animals and will work relentlessly to find a weak spot and exploit it.