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Tractive's GPS app is quick to install and very user friendly. There are buttons that allow you to find your dog, turn on a light on the tracker if you're looking for him in the dark and see where your dog has been over the last 24 hour period.

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With a GPS dog tracking system, you will know the exact location that you got the last signal. This allows you to immediately go to the last known location and pick up a current location.

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Check out just how easy it is to attach the Tractive GPS device to your dog’s collar… The Find My Pet GPS Tracker weighs only 3 ounces and, according to the manufacturer, works well for not only small dogs, but most other pets as well (even farm animals).

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Tagg GPS pet tracker allows dog owners to view their pet's daily exercise routines, how active their dogs were, be notified whenever the dog leaves the house and so forth, and it even has an interactive map. It's still not as accurate as real GPS tracking devices, but it does a decent job anyway.

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But what Exactly are GPS Pet Trackers? Which ones are the Best? How do they work? How much do they cost? How will they keep my dog and cat safe? We are going to dig deep into the topic. We have compiled a unique list and reviewed our choice for the .The RoamEO SeekR begins tracking the instant you need it and transmits precise GPS location updates every few seconds, guiding you directly to your dog. The simplicity of tracking with real-time GPS data combined with the affordability of subscription-free technology make the RoamEO SeekR the ideal pet tracker to keep your loyal companion safe wherever your adventures take you.We started with a simple premise: the most important feature for a pet tracking system should be tracking. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to have a system tell you how many steps your dog took last Thursday and it can be fun to watch video from a camera on your dog’s collar. But when your dog is missing, isn’t tracking the one feature you want your pet tracker to do really well? Using this premise to guide our design, PetTronix set out to create a best-in-class pet location system with the sole utility of being able to track your dog quickly and accurately. The result was the RoamEO SeekR, a reliable GPS dog tracking system that transmits an unlimited amount of location data without restrictions or a .Now you can! Introducing Fetch, our new revolutionary GPS collar. It's quick and super-easy to use from the moment you notice your dog is gone. Simply grab your phone, call his collar and instantly get a text message with his location. GPS dog tracking is here... and yes, it's that easy.