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GPS collars have a larger range. Newer GPS collars employ A-GPS (the A is for "assisted," but you'll also see it called "advanced"). A-GPS improves the time it takes to actually locate your dog after turning on the unit. Plain GPS relies on satellite signals only, which typically takes about 30 seconds, but can take up to 12 minutes in areas in which open sky transmission is limited. A-GPS also relies on network resources. It takes as little as a second in good conditions and two or three minutes in bad conditions — a big difference when you're tracking your lost dog.

When you order the  dog GPS tracking collar you will receive a package including:

It always sounds a little “preachy” to list the steps to take before a dog goes missing in an article about finding a lost dog but in this case, if you are going to take advantage of using GPS trackers for dogs, the GPS collar will need to be on the dog. Most GPS dog collars are designed to have batteries that last for several days – if possible, leave your GPS dog tracker on the collar even though you are not actively tracking your dog. Some dogs are opportunistic, and will bolt out an open door (perhaps family has arrived and opens the door as they normally do), and if the GPS tracker isn’t on the dog….it won’t be able to help find him. Recharging dog tracking collars should usually take place at night, while you and your dog are sleeping.

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GPS tracking collars are a newer solution in the dog-tracking industry, and they  . The GPS dog collar is designed for this purpose - yes, I know, you're still mumbling about the price. But, the great thing is, the collar will give you peace of mind and allow you to remain calm when your dog is AWOL - as in "missing" - because now you have the means to track him down.

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This GPS tracking device comes with attachments which you use to attach to your dog’s existing collar. Tractive are a leading brand in the GPS pet tracking market, and this system is an affordable alternative compared with the higher cost options above, and it’s well suited for most pet owners.

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The Garmin Astro Dog GPS system shows you exactly where your dog is. The Astro has the same range limitations that tracking collars have because radio signals will only go so far. As long as you can pick up the signal, you know the exact distance between you and your dog and what he is doing (pointing or running).ONE DOG -- A one dog Garmin Astro GPS system is $599 and additional Dog GPS units are $199 each (free shipping applies). While the GPS is slightly more expensive than a 1-dog bird dog tracking collar (around $499 depending on model), these tracking collars are not easily expanded when you need to track more dogs. You have to send your tracking collar back to the factory for an upgrade.