Dog Nail Grinder vs Clipper: Which Is Better For Trimming Dog Nails?

My daughter has a lab that was almost completely out of control when I started living with them. She just got someone to hold him down to cut his nails. I took over the nail cutting and first took him for a long walk, then did one nail a day with treats. I found I could let him stand, and barely handle his feet and he felt much better about the process. I haven’t tried the grinder myself but it does seem to be easier on dogs.

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Unfortunately, this video is about the whole process of cutting/trimming/dremeling your dog’s nails, and I was looking for more about the mechanics of how much to grind off so that the quick retreats and at what angle, like when you clip the nails. My dog can do all of these steps luckily, so it looks like I’m ahead of the game I guess, but what about how often and how far to grind, and at what angle?

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Aug 30, 2016 - Grinder tools are great for smoothing out edges and shaping a dog's nails There are plenty clippers out there which are said to be the . So, what about them? Are they better than the grinders? Well, it all depends on the owner of the dog and if they live doing the trimming or the grinding. Each of the two ways has their own benefits, but it would appear that the dog owners, veterinarians and groomers have started to employ grinding a lot more, and that the majority of them are doing it. And there is a good reason for that grinding is much safer and a lot easier than clipping the dogs nails, and with grinding there is no risk of accidentally cutting into the dogs cuticle bed. Also, because the nail grinding is gradual and gentle, the dogs prefer it as well. Of course, if youre doing it properly.

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Some dogs keep their nails short due to their activity, they may have a nice cement area that files them down for you naturally. If you are not blessed with such luck you might find your dogs nails needing regular TLC, either from you doing it at home or you visit a groomer and they take care of this for you. The two main choices you have is choosing to trim the nails or grind the nails. Since grinding the nails takes special equipment that is a little pricier than your normal nail trimmers, most families trim the old fashion way at home and don’t know a great deal about the grinding option.

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Maintaining the length of your dogs nails is an important part of their grooming routine. Aside from aesthetic reasons, shorter nails are more desirable as they are safer and healthier. Overgrown nails can chip and break causing pain for your dog. Nails that are too long or curled under may also make it difficult for your dog to walk properly, which may affect the rest of their body and even lead to arthritis. Here at The Woof Room, we offer nail trimming and grinding among our other doggy spa services.Although the Multipro can obviously go much faster, and this is handy for other craft and tool projects, I do not go above the "2" setting on it. It's usually on the "1" or between it and the "2" setting. I would estimate this is somewhere around 5,000 to 7,500 rpms. If you use it much faster, the friction will be too great and it will get too hot for the dog's nails. If this happens, it will hurt the dog. Please note: there are other brands of grinders and similar tools. But, since I've never used them, I write from the perspective of my experience with the Dremel and its accessories only.