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A Bit Loud: One thing you do have to keep in mind, though, is that because this is such a powerful dog hair dryer designed for heavy duty work, it can tend to get a bit loud at times, although not to the extent that dogs will run away scared for their lives.

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Most dog owners that use this have noticed that their dogs quickly got used to the noise this dog hair dryer makes after an initial break-in phase that was accompanied with positive reinforcement techniques used to reassure the dog being groomed that everything going on is completely fine and they have nothing to worry about.

A dog blow dryer works best for grooming both small and large breeds

*, Quiet operation for shy dogs - 75% quieter than a traditional hair dryer et dryers for dogs are pieces of equipment that operate with the same concept as hairdryers, except these are designed for dog fur and are quieter than the hair dryers we’re used to.

Helping to relieve the fearfulness of a blow dryer

This dryer is incredibly durable, and promises to be both rust proof and fireproof. It produces a very strong airflow that will dry even the hairiest dog quickly, but which may be too powerful for small dogs.

Quick drying a dog's undercoat from the wet grass

The least expensive "dog dryers" are simply hand held hair dryers made for humans and now labeled as "dog dryers". Last I looked, humans did not have the type of hair which dogs do. Basically these are very low volume (about 10-18 CFM) and very low pressure with some sort of temperature and fan control. The only place these fit in a dog salon is as a low pressure detailer. A variable speed dryer actually fills this need quite well. These types of dryers range in price from about $20 to $75. Advantages are that they are cheap; disadvantage is that you will be drying a large dog all day.Dog Hair Dryer - B-Air Dryers Bear Power 1 High Velocity Dryer

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high pressure compressorBut the thing is, the last thing you’ll ever want to do to after you give your dog a bath is use a dryer you have at home that you or any other family member make personal use of, since those dryers aren’t specifically designed for your dog’s hair requirements.Do you currently use towels to dry your dog after bath time? Using towels can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet because of the way you must rub vigorously to get him or her dry. When you think about how towel drying makes dogs feel, it’s no wonder they don’t enjoy bath time. Like air drying, towel drying comes with the risk of matted fur and tangles. There’s also the convenience factor: Towel drying your dog means you need to keep special dog towels handy. Not many people have extra space to dedicate to dog towels. When you choose a pet hair dryer for home grooming from B-Air, you can say goodbye to all of these towel-drying issues.