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Runaway O - When Sheep and Bear open Cat's box of Os, one rolls away, sending them on a madcap chase to catch it before Cat wakes up. Happy Birthday, Dog! - It's Dog's birthday and all his friends are planning a surprise party. There's just one problem - they need a cake! Frog must get to the party safely without Dog finding out. TVY DVI

I spent $2 on a birthday treat for you. That is almost $14 in dog money. Happy Birthday.

Was it someone famous that said What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog - it's the size of the birthday party for the dog? Happy Birthday.

Find the perfect greeting card to say Happy Birthday from a pet

Here's the really cute happy birthday song by a adorable dog who could sing LOL just kidding hope you enjoy don't for to like and sub thanks. Happy Birthday to You!! Top 10 funniest happy birthday dog videos. Ten Cute little dogs sing their very own funny version of the funny Happy Birthday to You song, just for you in this Happy Birthday Compilation!

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Happy Birthday to You!! Cute little dogs and puppies sing their very own funny version of the funny Happy Birthday to You song, just for you in this funny dog compilation!

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Dogbook birthday greeting for all of our dog friends

Dog lovers and owners, do you sing this to your dog? Do you celebrate his birthday in some way? I personally take my dog to the lake and forest for a swim and fun all day, since his birthday is in the spring and that is usually his first swim in a year. Some people, though, like to celebrate it the human way, and it’s kinda cute (but who gets to blow the candles, that confuses me???). In this gallery is a huge collection of happy birthday dog images and lucky pooches whose humans throw birthday parties for them, with the presents, and all that goes in the package. Scroll down for some laughs, because dogs are the best, and so are birthdays.happy birthday dog - maltese puppies - Dogs channel

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Wishing you a very happy birthday, with plenty of cake and laughter, woof woof...
A funny happy birthday greeting from the coolest birthday dog, or is it someone famous?
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