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Happy Dog Toys also makes a huge number of simpler tennis ball-based toys, such as Tennis Bones (two balls affixed to either end of a plastic “bone”) and Tennis Buddies (tennis balls that look like little cartoony animals, with little arms and legs and faces attached). All these toys are constructed with specially made pressureless and double-thick natural rubber balls, which makes them virtually impossible to pop and chew.


The Pogo Plush Slap Happy is designed with extendable arms to appeal to a dog’s natural shaking instinct. The patent-pending design of Pogo Plush toys provides a unique bounce-back action that dogs prefer over traditional stuffed plush toys. For dogs who quickly chew through stuffed toys to get to the stuffing, this is a great way to give them soft, plush fun without the stuffing.

First, the good news: Happy Dog Toys is really on to something

Learn more about careers at Happy Dog Toys and view our open positions. Finally, Happy Dog Toys goes to the extra effort to conform to the ASTM testing standards of the toy industry, ensuring that the toys are as safe for your dog as they are for your children.

Sep 19, 2006 - Happy Dog Toys LLC presents Bounce-N-Pounce

It’s my sincere hope that Happy Dog Toys continues to develop products like these, but my fear is that the toys’ shortcomings will discourage repeat purchases. Will the line of toys survive long enough to improve? I’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I have a lot of (I hope) constructive criticism to offer!

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Oddly, traditional toy retailers have been slow to accept the idea of doggy things in people stores, one of the company’s “pet” issues (). But Happy Dog’s products have made a significant impact in a market replete with cheap plastic steaks that squeak, and other highly ignorable animal toys typically found in supermarkets.The school, which serves 185 blind and visually impaired students on its Parkville campus, has teamed with the Happy Hands, Happy Dogs fundraiser in which students make "Knots of Fun" toys for dogs and sell them on the campus. The proceeds benefit the school.Our dog boarding services include two meals per day, clean quarters, soft blankets, scrambled eggs with breakfast, and five walks per day to our private courtyard. We're also happy to give your pup treats, food, toys or bedding from home at no extra charge.Here’s how it works: complete a 3-question survey about your dog , and then enter your contact info and get a Happy Dog Box of Dog Treats and Toys for as low as $12.50 shipped to your front door {the discount will appear upon checkout}.