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Canine heartworm disease is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. Mosquitoes infect dogs with a parasite which infests the heart. If left untreated, canine heartworm disease can lead to congestive heart failure in dogs. Dog heartworm disease is preventable through the use of routine doses of medication. It’s important to have a dog tested for heartworm before beginning these medications. Some monthly tablets also aid in the prevention of other worm infestations as well. Speak with your veterinarian and ask which heart worm prevention is best for your pet.

Your vet can give you advice on choosing the best heartworm medication for dogs, but the choice also depends on your dog

Treatment for heartworm disease in dogs is both harsh and expensive. This requires multiple visits to the veterinarian for lab work and injections of an arsenic-based medication. Some older dogs or those with other pre-existing health conditions may not even be candidates for heartworm treatment. Undergoing heartworm treatment is stressful on the health of any dog, but especially for those whose health is already compromised.

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Nov 14, 2013 - While it might be tempting for the economically-minded, learn why you should not split heartworm medication between dogs. Owners of Collies, Shelties, OES, Aussies, and some other mixed breed dogs might be sensitive to ivermectin. If you are concerned in any way you can test for the mutation on the MDR1 gene that causes sensitivity. Testing is available though the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, . Of course these dogs can be given heartworm preventatives that do not utilize ivermectin (Revolution (selamectin) and Advantage multi (moxidectin) are both topical so treat fleas as well as preventing heartworm disease). Both of these medications are fairly new and will need to be purchased from your veterinarian.

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Remember that when you’re choosing the best heartworm medication for dogs, you’re choosing to protect your pet for months and years to come. Consider cost and ease of application, of course, but also consider what will give them the best protection. It is sometimes possible to deworm your pet after they are infected, but it’s better to avoid the necessity of this option altogether when possible.

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