Heavy Duty Dog Harness - Super Tuff Black

This is an extremely heavy duty padded harness with reflective stitching throughout. It features a breathable nylon mesh that touches your dog and heavy canvas exterior to help protect your pet from the environment. The rib cage strap has a heavy side release buckle with a lock mechanism to prevent accidental opening. It has a handle over the back to hold your dog closely and a D ring for attaching a leash. It features 1 inch by 4 inch piece of loop Velcro for optional replacement patches. Made in China.

This is truly the finest heavy duty agitation dog harnesses available!

This heavy-duty harness is strong enough for any dog and has an easy-grab handle on top to help you control your dog in difficult situations. The padded shell is a nice comfort feature, too.

This durable double-layered harness comes with a bonus: a leash and an instruction manual. It’s good for training, walking, and even running with your dog.

This is truly the "Lexus" of heavy duty agitation dog harnesses!

How is the Heavy Duty disabled dog support harness different from other dog harnesses? I ordered this harness for my new dog I just rescued from the kennel. This is a really nice two tone harness and very strong made with jean material on one side and tightly woven nylon on the other. Everything is very well stitched and has heavy duty hooks and D rings. The leach has a swivel hook and comes with directions. This harness is adjustable for the size I ordered (Small) 5 pounds to 20 and is very easy to adjust. My dog is 9 pounds and it fist her very well. You simply put one leg into each of the holes in the front and then pull the harness around to the top of the back and snap the clasp shut then attach the leach to the two D rings. The leash length is 47.2 inches and will last for years as long as your dog doesn't chew. Arikon has paid close attention to all the details and has produced a high quality product. I received this item at no cost.

SupaTuff Heavy Duty Dog Harness - Pitbull Supply

Like all of Ruffwear’s products, their Front Range Harness is very attractive and well made, with heavy-duty hardware and double stitching throughout. It offers two leash-attachments points (front and back) and adjusts in four locations. It’s very easy to put on; just slip the collar section over the dog’s head, draw the straps between his front legs, and click the two long straps into the plastic buckles on either side. The XXS size option makes this the best harness for small dogs we reviewed.

Custom Dog Harnesses - Heavy Duty & Personalized - dogIDs

There are a few different types of heavy duty dog harnesses that you can choose from – all of which serve the same purpose; to keep your pup safe and comfortable while out and about on a leash. Some are standard for dogs of all sizes and can be adjusted depending on their height and weight, but others are more suited for certain breeds as they are more of a fixed size.If you own a large dog like Great Danes, Mastiff, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bull Terriers, Boxers, Boderman Pinschers or even German Shepherds, you would want to be able to restrain your dog when you bring them for walks. This is extremely important as unrestrained large dogs poses a risk when in public. In fact, as of June 2016, there are already 11 reported fatalities caused by loose dogs in America, and you certainly do not want your dog to be a part of this statistic. Many owners lose control of their dog because they did not factor in the dog’s strength when they purchase dog harnesses for them. Hence, in this article, we will be visiting some of the best Heavy Duty Dog Harness With Handle for your large dog.