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I represented the Waltham and Pedigree lines to breeders and veterinary hospitals for many years and consistently received favorable reviews about condition and energy levels when they switched from the super premiums to the Pedigree brand with only 18% protein. Dogs are omnivores not carnivores, so the correct balance of high quality meats and plant matter is crucial. In the wild when wolves make a kill, they eat the organ meats first where all the nutrition is. They leave the muscle meat for the scavengers. There are millions of pets, working dogs and show dogs who are raised on Pedigree, who eat Pedigree all their lives who live long healthy, happy lives. The only exception I am aware of are dogs with grain allergies or wheat intolerance who must live gluten free. I believe it is the best dog food available for the majority of dogs today. And yes we all tasted the food when touring the production facility in California, as did the M&M Mars family members. They still answer only to their high standards not stockholders interested in their rate of return.

Hi-Standard Pure Grain Free Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars.

The main ingredient is corn, an awful ingredient to make up the foundation of a dog food. A few studies in recent years have shown, in very few cases, corn can be a decent protein source if processed to a very high standard (at cost). Corn in pet food is more often used as a very cheap non-nutritious filler, which, with typical processing is difficult for our dogs to digest. It makes no sense to include corn in a pet food where a decent meat ingredient is a far better inclusion, and that’s fact. Beneful is largely made from corn for one reason alone, and that’s because cheap ingredients ensure significant profit margins. Good for them, not for your dog.

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I have noticed that alot of people are talking highly about HI Standard Dog Food In addition to focusing on expanding international sales, Hi-Standard is releasing a new product line later this month that is expected to boost domestic sales. Typically, sporting dogs and pet or companion dogs eat the same food, usually high in carbohydrates and grains. The new product line does not include grains, resulting in a food less likely to cause hyperactivity in companion dogs, resulting in improved health for the animal. He said this is in keeping with a national trend in the pet food industry to have foods that meet the specific nutrition needs of animals based on their lifestyles.

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My husband is a veterinarian. He (and all his colleagues) feed their dogs varying options from Purina. The larger companies are the ones that adhere best to food safety standards and do constant testing on their food. Smaller companies don’t have the ability to spend as much money on this. Don’t be caught up in the hype of clever marketing that makes you feel like not buying a highly specialized and expensive food means you’re not a caring pet owner. Also, human nutrition and pet nutrition are not one and the same. Moral of my story? Ask your vet about what is best for your specific dog, and never trust the advice of a store clerk, groomer, etc. on its own.

Hi-Standard Dog Food - Hi-Standard Pure Grain Free