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Wholesale- 2015 Hot Sell Petcircle Large and Small Dog Mats Washable 5 Color Size S M L Pet Beds In W... My old lurcher (collie/beddie cross) used to sleep on the bed and the sofas but one of her favourite places was on her back in the downstairs hall with her legs up the wall, she used to get hot quickly and she soon worked out she would get the draft from the front door and a breeze from the dining room when the door was open. Currently we have shorthaired lurchers and both like their comforts, my boy loves a pillow for his head and his favourite routine is to go up to a bed and make a nest out of the pillows and quilt then curl up for hours, he’s only 3! My girlie loves to be covered up and will wait until bedtime for me to turn over then throw herself as close to me as poss, back to back, full length with the back of her head to the back of mine then I have to pull her own quilt over her and there she stays unless the quilt falls off in which case you wake-up nose to nose with her standing staring at you most indignant that she has got cold!!. Other favourites are the memory foam faux fur covered beds when the sun shines on them through the living room window, bliss! Took me a while to get used to sleeping with Daisy being so close but missed her on weekend away recently and now have spare pillows on bed for Jet to make his nest as got a bit fed up dog smelling hair in the mornings! LOL

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One way to do this, is through dog cooling pads and beds which are especially designed to help your pup stay comfortable when it’s hot outdoors or inside your home. Additionally, a cooling dog bed can provide your elderly or disabled canine some cold therapy for their inflamed joints or muscles. There are many different cooling dog beds to choose from, and just like any other bed, your pup will benefit from one that is best suited for them, so take accurate measurements and closely observe their sleeping patterns and habits.

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dog beedAs mentioned before, your dog needs a cool, shady place to relax. While a is nice and soft, it might also be too warm. this is why many people notice their dogs prefer to lie on tile or concrete floors when it's hot out. However, a cooling dog bed can offer the comfort and softness of a typical dog bed with the coolness your dog craves. Cooling dog beds often use a gel-like material or simply water to keep the bed feeling cool.