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The lamb trim is very similar to a puppy cut, but has a few striking differences. The coat is cut shorter all over, usually to around half an inch or less. Some people choose to leave the legs slightly longer than the rest of the coat. You also have the choice of how to trim your dog's head and tail. You can trim them to the same length as the rest of his coat, leave them slightly longer, or completely natural. This cut is called the lamb trim, as it is popular with curly-haired dogs, making them look like little lambs.

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Dogs with long, silky or curly coats require daily brushing to keep their hair from becoming tangled or matted, especially around the ears, in the armpits, or along the back of the legs. Dogs with short hair coats may require less frequent brushing. However, daily brushing of any dog that sheds will cut down dramatically on the amount of loose hair and pet dander floating around the home, and will also cut down on the amount of hair that the dog swallows in the course of self-grooming with its tongue.

Regardless of the type of hair coat, you should inspect your dog's coat every day to make sure there are no tangles or clumps that have developed under the armpits, in the groin, or behind the ears. After a romp through the grass or in the woods, it is a good idea to look for burrs or grass awns that might have become trapped in the coat and could potentially cause irritation.

If you regularly check your dog's coat and skin, you will also have a better chance of detecting any unusual lumps, bumps, or areas of sensitivity on your dog's body at an early stage.

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How should you cut the long hair on the Great Pyrenees dog to keep it cool in this hot weather You’re thinking about getting a new addition but you’re not sure how often it will need to be groomed or even if it needs to be groom. You should first talk to the breeder, a vet, the animal shelter, or a groomer. Now that you have an idea of whether it needs a haircut or just a bath more questions have popped up. Like how often should my dogs hair be cut? How often does it need a bath? Should I cut it’s nails? What do I do in between my dogs appointments?

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You just picked up your new dog and it is in desperate need of a haircut but you have no idea how often to get it cut. Make sure to do your research and call around to different grooming shops to find the best one for you. But how do you know if it is a good place for you and your pet? In most shops the groomer will come and talk with you directly on how they will groom your pet and what style of cut you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want, you want to make sure that you are completely comfortable leaving your pet with the groomer. Find someone who will work with your pet if they are a little bit scared or if you want a particular style.

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If your dog has a lot of fur and you want to give it a haircut using scissors, the process will take time and patience. Once you know how to hold the scissors at the proper angle, you can safely cut your dog's hair to the length you prefer. As long as your dog is very cooperative, the more you use the scissors, the better you will get.With summer in full swing, dog groomers are bombarded with Huskies, Saint Bernards, Chow Chows and other double- or heavy-coated dogs coming in for a summer cut. Before you rush your Golden Retriever into the salon for a haircut, you should stop and think about what clipping a coat really does. To many dog owners’ surprise, cutting a double-coated dog actually causes more damage than good. In order to understand the damage, you must first know the fundamentals of a dog’s coat and its purposes.