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The majority of dogs and cats in the United States eat food and treats manufactured specifically for their particular species (i.e., dogs eat dog food and cats eat cat food). As a holistic veterinarian, I focus highly on the quality of nutrients entering my patients’ bodies and strive to get them eating whole-food-based diets with the same grade of nutrients as we humans consume. By providing their pets with commercially available dry and moist foods and treats, owners are lulled into a false sense of security that their pet’s best health is being served.

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Lee Anderson, Named Meats like Chicken, Turkey, ect. are great for your dog. It is the generic “Meat, Meat meals” that could contain just about anything. If your using a canned food then a named meat like Chicken ect. is best. If it is a dry food then the named meal is better because meal is a concentrated form of protein. I personally give my dogs kibble for cost effectiveness, and add in fresh human grade meat and organs, and also eggs, sardines, salmon, and mackerel. Give it a try…. your dogs will glow with health like mine do. 🙂

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Human Grade Dry Dog Food‎ My dogs ONLY ever ate Organix wet and dry food. The Merrick brand – they won’t even sniff. The stuff literally smells like manure. I can’t get the stench off my hands. It is a fallacy that Merrick is a high premium dog food. The crap found out during the 2007 dog recall would make your stomach churn. Now my dogs are without a good quality organic dog food….thank God I mostly feed them human grade food. I use dog food simply as back-up. If anyone KNOWS of a high quality organic brand, I’m all ears!

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I have also seen that Addiction dog food uses synthetic vitamin K- this has been scientifically proven in Germany to create toxitity in the liver and body; it is also useless basically, in good dog foods, dark green veggies provide plenty of vitamin k-natural, which can be actually absorbed. Addition cans also have BPA in it, like most cans. I use Fromm dry food, which is excellent human grade food made in their own human grade, inspected factility; my dogs digestion is excellent, and they like it. I’m also trying Verus right now, which appears great, and their cans are BPA free, which is hard to find. Verus also has a NewZealand lamb version! I also add Orijen, but only as a supplement, because it is too heave on the digestive system. My dogs are very healthy and have always excellent digestion. I tried practically everything else, this is what i came up with.

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Almost all pet foods up until recently were what are known as pet-grade. Pet-grade means that the ingredients used are those rejected for human consumption; human-grade is not, and is therefore of higher nutritional quality. Foods such as Iams, Science Diet, and Nutro are excellent pet-grade foods. However, they are still pet-grade, and do not offer the superior nutritional benefits of human-grade food. There are now several manufacturers producing human-grade cat and dog foods – both in dry and canned form. While human-grade dog food may be at the top of the list when it comes to quality, there are plenty of other wonderful options out there for your dog. If you have the money to spend on this type of food, it is definitely worth it but don’t feel guilty if you can only afford a 3-star or 4-star dry food. What is really important is that you give your dog the love he deserves and the highest quality diet you can consistently afford.