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My dog, Stella, always loves trying something new. I got her from a shelter and she was half-starved so she loves most food. Stella would absolutely love to try I and Love and You!

I and Love and You Naked Essentials Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.

I and Love and You makes grain free dry dog food, canned food, raw dog food, and raw freeze dried patties. We have chosen their freeze dried patties – I and Love and You Power Pucks Freeze Dried Patties – for review.

Dehydrated Dog Food - Turkey | I and Love and You

The I and Love and You Naked Essentials product line includes three dry dog foods. Along these lines, there were a couple of people that asked about kibble choices, so I just wanted to share my perspective. Speaking from my own experience and observation, I LOVE switching up good grain-free kibbles and then finding fun ways to supplement raw, freeze dried, and other things like green beans and carrots into my dog’s daily diet. We know that dogs are scavengers and I have found that the more variety I can get into my dog’s diet while keeping out the known problem causers (wheat, corn, soy, by-products) the better they seem to react to sudden change (like getting into the trash, eating food while at someone else’s home, etc). Additionally, by getting variety into their diet, you can rest assured that their overall weight and health will reflect the merits or demerits of a food. I now regularly alternate Acana, Nutrisca, and Earthborn Holistics kibbles and add Primal raw or Honest Kitchen grain-free. The great thing is that they acclimate easily to change, never get bored with their diet, and I love and enjoy meal time with the pups.

Raw Grain Free Homemade Lamb Dog Food | I and Love and You

I don’t usually comment here, but I am surprised at all the negativity. Our 8 year old Siberian Husky has been on this food since the beginning of this year. He ate Organix grain-free prior to I and Love and You and prior to that was on Dogswell. We discontinued Dogswell after the first round of chicken jerky treat issues was brought up. We tried him on Blue Buffalo for a while, but his breed is known for sensitive stomaches and he could not tolerate Blue Buffalo foods.
This I and Love and You is the first food in the six years we’ve had him that he will eat consistently, keep on weight and not upset his digestive tract. Specifically he is on the Simply Sea dry formula with an occasional meal from their freeze dried line for variety. For years we have struggled with him being underweight. I happen to live in the Boulder area and have nothing but positive things to report about customer service. Prior to my first purchase, I emailed to obtain ingredient sourcing information and was responded to in a very helpful, informative manner. We also appreciate the affordability of their fish oil and joint supplements. If you’re happy with your dog food, great, if not, I recommend giving this one a try. We did and it has been great.

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