Hill?s Ideal Balance Grain Free Braised Salmon Recipe Canned Dog Food

Discover what natural ingredients, perfectly balanced, can do for your pet. Explore Ideal Balance pet foods by selecting dog or cat.

The Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free product line includes two canned dog foods.

Hi all, I have good reviews on this dog food. I did a little experiment. I laid out 5 different dog foods consisting of Purina ProPlan chicken & rice, taste of the wild smoked salmon, taste of the wild roasted bison, 4 health chicken & Rice, and science diet ideal balance ( chicken, whole grain, no corn). Both dogs went right to the science diet. I was surprised, based on the reviews posted on this site! The 4 Health dog food was second. Taste of the wild bison third, taste of the wild salmon fourth, and purina proplan last. I have fed my dogs Purina Proplan for 5+ years.

Hill's Ideal Balance Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food

The Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted product line includes three canned dog foods. The new Hill’s Ideal Balance dog and cat food formulas feature fresh chicken or natural salmon as the first ingredient to help keep pets slim and trim; brown rice for healthy digestion; fruits and vegetables for a healthy immune system; and no corn, wheat or soy. There are varieties for different life stages, including puppy/kitten, adult and mature, sizes small and large breed for dogs, and grain-free.

Hill's Ideal Balance Chicken & Brown Rice Mature Adult Dog Food

In addition to the dry food selection, the new Hill’s Ideal Balance line also features 12 new wet food varieties: six each for cats and dogs. To offer pet parents a wide variety of protein sources, Hill’s is also introducing new ones like venison, trout and salmon.

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I like the fact that Hill's Ideal balance is good for a dog health. I believe it worth it. It has healthy solution and ingredients. My dog Icicle ate some from my hand. I am sure she likes the new dog food. I know she was protective of the bag once we opened it and try it first out of our hands. She does not want our cats eating the food. I like the ingredients being on the front of bag and pictures as well. That is a good thing to have along with the what it balanced for and age for though looking for a product that for their dog. I believe that this will help any size dog for any dog owner.Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free is a plant-based canned dog food using a modest amount of salmon or chicken as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 2 stars.After trying countless small breed dry food, I have finally found one that my Havanese eats daily without having any issues at all...It seemingly is well made, with everything natural, all the required vitamins/minerals/ fats, not to much protein but just enough, insuring a top quality food for my young boy...However...it must not be a big mover in the bigger national pet stores as they have discontinued the entire line of Ideal Balance foods...Now, I know that's strictly done from a revenue standpoint & the problem is not the stores rather the pet owners who don't realize what a good quality food Ideal Balance is for their loved ones (dogs, I know nothing about cats)...So that being said, why can't Hills get this product into foods store regionally ? Now I can't just walk in to one of the three local, National Pet stores just to browse and walk out with a fresh bag..I have to order it.....I'd personally would prefer not to have to do that whenever I need it. In many cases (depending on the vendor) the basic cost of the food climbs dramatically with the required delivery charges...So as good as it is, when it's difficult to obtain when needed & if the cost is unrealistic & one is on a fixed income, maybe I'll have to go back to trying other brands again that are available in the stores....Hill’s Ideal Balance is a meat-based canned dog food using a moderate amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 3 stars.