You & Me Reflective Large Free to Flex Dog Tie-Out Cable

Dropping the handle can also cause emotional trauma to your dog. The loud noise of the handle hitting the ground may spook your dog causing her to run away in fear. The handle will then “chase” her as she tries to get away. If it retracts, it will be closing ground on her and she will have no escape from something that is terrifying her. This can cause her to have fear of her leash and fear of walks in general.

Alternatively, attach the tie out cable leash to a  in the ground, or use a combination of both for the best tie out for camping with dogs.

1. During a lawful animal event, such as walking on a leash, veterinary treatment, grooming, training, or law enforcement activity; or
2. That is required to protect the safety or welfare of a person or the dog, if the dog’s owner or handler remains with the dog throughout the period of restraint.

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Toddler found chained to ground in Texas backyard, another tied to door with dog leash: police Sec. 55.19 Restraint Requirements
1. The owner or keeper of every animal shall keep the animal under restraint at all times. If a responsible adult is physically outdoors with their animal on the property where the owner of the animal resides and the animal is under the owner’s direct control and is obedient to the owner’s commands, this section shall not apply during the duration of the time the animal is under the control of that person.
2. When a tether is utilized as a primary means of restraint, a responsible adult must be physically outdoors with their animal, and the animal must be under the owner’s direct control. The tether must be at least ten feet in length, have swivels on both ends, and allow the animal to utilize the entire 360 degree circular area designated by the tether. The tether must allow the animal free access to food, water, and shelter.
3. Any tether must be attached to a properly fitting collar or harness worn by the dog and shall weigh no more than 10% of the dogs estimated body weight.
4. Tethering does not refer to periods when a dog is walked on a leash or restrained on a trolley system (Sec. 55.01.22). The primary usable trolley runner line must be suspended at least three feet above the animals head, with at least ten feet in length between two pulley stop points. The secondary line attached to animal shall have a rolling trolley freely movable a distance of at least ten feet on the primary trolley line with a spring/shock absorber attachment and swivels at both ends. The trolley system shall allow the animal unrestricted body movement and utilization of the entire area designated by the trolley system, with a minimum of five feet lateral movement for the animal on each side of the primary trolley line, as measured on the ground. The trolly system must allow the animal free access to food, water, and shelter. The trolley system must be of appropriate configuration to prevent escape of the animal, and confine the animal to the owner’s property. The primary trolley line shall be used to restrain only one animal at a time.
5. All collars used must be made of nylon, leather, or other durable and non-metallic material and must be fitted so as to not cause injury to the animal or embed itself in the animal’s neck.
6. Use of a chain, choke, or pinch collar as a primary collar is prohibited.
7. Any animal that is restrained must be a sufficient distance from any other objects or debris so as to prohibit any tangling of the restraint or from extension over an object or an edge that could result in injury or strangulation of the animal.

You & Me Well Grounded Spiral Stake

Obviously I am in the minority but I have used flex leashes for over 20 years and have never had a problem. I have, however, been pulled to the ground when walking a dog on a regular leash. I suppose common sense plays a big part in many things but I don’t need a warning sticker on the cord of my hair dryer telling me not to use it in the shower either.

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