Lucky Dog Furniture 3-Step Indoor Pet Stairs.

Indoor dog ramps provide a gently angled runway for dogs, as well as cats, to access elevated surfaces like beds or couches without putting undue strain on their joints ().

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We have examined - but ramps can indeed be a gentler option for elderly or injured dogs. Many feature a carpet tread for added traction- and manufacturers typically construct them to match interior decor ().

This folding pet ramp is designed with pets and their owners in mind

Indoor Ramps For Dogs‎ First and foremost decide which assistance your dog needs: ramps for dogs or , or both. If your pet is arthritic, consider which will be the easiest for him to navigate. Pet ramps are available with different features. Many are adjustable – telescoping. Some can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses. Surfaces include rubberized and carpeted tread.

Indoor pet ramps and doggie steps are available with different slope grades, number of risers, and different widths to suit your dog and the intended purpose. Many are designed to fit in with your décor. Some are carpeted, some plastic, some are made with solid furniture grade wood. You can choose according to your dog’s needs and your budget.

Finally, do yourself and your back a favor – lifting a dog frequently can put a strain on you too. Seriously consider the advantages of ramps for dogs, or if your dog pal is smaller, steps for dogs might be another option depending on the useyou have in mind. Either way, everyone will benefit.

Lightweight, adjustable dog ramp for pets of all sizes

Overall, ramps are easier for dogs to navigate on than stair-type ramps. Walking up and down stairs causes dogs to hop up from stair to stair, which can cause pain and injury, so stick with ramp-style options. Steep ramps are hard to climb up or down on, so find a longer ramp that slowly declines downward.

Pawhut 4-Step Indoor Folding Wooden Pet Stairs.

Now that you have this basic information on pet ramps and steps, you can take a look at the actual products and begin your search of proper dogs stairs and dog ramps for your pet. Once you begin perusing, you will come across a variety of features, all of which you can compare and contrast. Consider the features of each model and your dog's individual needs before making the purchase and watch out for more of our articles on this subject coming soon.Let’s face it; we aren’t getting any younger. Bad backs make it difficult to pick up our favorite pups. Portable ramps for small dogs reduce the need for constant bending. A dog ramp like gives your dog independence to conquer the stairs or couch without your assistance while giving you freedom from back strain!A pet ramp will do wonders for your dog’s hips and knees. Finding the right ramp is a matter of a little pre-planning to ensure you get the ramp that is the best fit for your dog and situation. Whether you need a St. Bernard or a dachshund ramp, there are a variety of ramps for dogs that can accommodate your dog’s size and situation. There are actually dog ramps for beds, couches, and even boats. Each of these has unique attributes depending on whether they are used outside or inside or both. The next thing you should pay attention to is the size and the material. It is obvious that the higher the reach is, the longer the ramp or stairs should be. For example, a broadly extended ramp will be comfortable for large dogs as it will help them easily climb into a high SUV or van. On the other hand, such ramps can be a problem for houses and apartments as they take a lot of space. So, if you want a ramp for home use, consider smaller ramp-steps for installation near furniture. As for material, it must be durable and reliable in order to withstand different loads. The frame should be made of steel and have a non-skid surface. Note, that if you want stairs and ramps for indoor use, it is advisable to consider lightweight models made of durable plastic or wood with carpeted surface. In general, the maximum load for ramps is 200 pounds. The steps for home use can withstand a load up to 130 lbs. All in all, you don't have to worry that they might break under your pet.